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Cartoon - English Joke 2

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"What do you mean, he rides his bike like lightning?"

"He's always hitting trees!"



Today's joke is based on the expression ...like lightning. We usually use this metaphor to mean that something happens quickly or fast. For example:

What are 'extreme adjectives'?

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packed subway

'Tokyo's subway is packed at rush-hour.'

Oversuing the word 'very' when talking can be boring for the person listening. For example:

Prepositions of Time

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Independence Day

'Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4'

Here are the basics for using in, on, at, for and since in time expressions:

Using 'in' 

In - is used with parts of the day, months, seasons and  years.

How to use 'contractions'

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How to sue contractions

'I've got a new TV. You've seen it, haven't you?'

In spoken English and casual written English, contractions are very common. In these words the apostrophe    ( ) tells us that letters are missing.

Video Lesson 'Batman: The Dark Knight'

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 Check out this trailer for the new Batman film and complete the sentences.

Canadian English

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Canada  Day

'July 1 is Canada Day, eh?'

Cartoon - English Joke

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"What makes the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean?"

"It never eats!"



The key to understanding this joke is the word lean.

Lean has two meanings:

Lean (verb) means 'to slope to one side/ not straight' (as you can see, the tower isn't straight).

Music Lesson - Rihanna 'Take a Bow'

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Listen to 'Take a Bow' by Rihanna and then complete the missing lyrics below.

How to use 'the Passive'

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'The Pyramids were built a long time ago.'


What is a passive sentence?

Most of spoken English uses active speech. In active sentences the subject is the focus of the sentence. For example:

Using 'used to' for past habits

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I used to snowboard

'I used to ski, but now I snowboard.'