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threw vs through

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'We took a taxi through New York.'

Let's take a look at two words which have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings. Try to remember these when you are writing in English:

I am used to (something)

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'I'm getting used to eating sushi, but I can't get used to using chop-sticks!'

In the past we have looked at used to for past habits: 'I used to play tennis, but now I don't'.

get used to...

Today we look at a very different meaning for the phrase 'be used to'.

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Jason's story - part 1: reading, grammar and vocab exercise

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Read the following introduction to a story and decide which words are missing.  Which is the correct word for each number? When you have finished check the links for any new words

Business English: video presentation and questions

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Useful Phrasal Verb - 'Hang'

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The young students liked to hang out after class 

'He likes to hang out with his friends!'

You will be happy to know that there are not many phrasal verbs using hang, but the ones we use are very useful for you to know.

Let's take a look at seven hang phrasal verbs and some example sentences. Remember:

In the shop: shopping English

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'No, thanks. I'm just looking.'

Take a look at the ten questions and statements below. All of these are useful expressions we use when we are shopping. Try and match the sentences to the situations.  When you answer, use numbers in the spaces below.


Do you speak 'British' English? Ten words you need to know!

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I’m sure you know there are many types of English. Each English speaking country has its own unique vocabulary, grammar structure and pronunciation.

Today we take a look at ten words which are used in natural British English, but are not really used in American English. All of these words are very common and are used in casual spoken-English. 


(noun) synonym: man.

Music Lesson - Beatles 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away'

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How to use 'understatement'

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 'She's not the most intelligent person in the world!'

What is 'understatement'?

Understatement is used when a speaker wants to  a make a situation seem less strong or important than it is.

For example, think about this situation:

You have taken ten exams in school and passed them all with a score of 100%. Someone asks you: