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Rose Idioms

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Roses are plants that have large beautiful flowers. They are popular with gardeners and are traditionally given by romantics on Valentine's Day!

Here are three common idioms that use this plant.

No bed of roses

When a situation is no bed of roses, it is difficult or unpleasant.

"Having to share a bedroom with his younger brother was no bed of roses."

"She soon found out that working as a flight attendant was not always a bed of roses."

Idiom of the Day: Eat like a horse

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If I told you my brother eats like a horse, what would you think?

Would you think that he ate horse food, that he had a big appetite or that he was a horse?

Eats like a horse is an idiom. When someone eats like a horse, they always eat a lot of food.

"Although he eats like a horse, he never gets fat."

Idiom: Rub up the wrong way

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rub wrong way

When we rub someone up the wrong way, we annoy, anger or irritate them. When people rub us up the wrong way, they usually do not know they are doing something wrong.

"My young brother rubs me up the wrong way. He is so annoying."

"The way he talks really rubs me up the wrong way."

Idiom of the Day: Smell a Rat

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Have you ever felt that someone is telling you something that is not true? Perhaps they are trying to lie to you. In that case, you smell a rat!

When we feel that something someone or something is not honest, we smell a rat.

"I smell a rat. If John was off from work all week because he was sick, why has he got a suntan?"

Talking about relationships

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What type of person do you go for (what kind of person are you attracted to)? If you hit it off with someone then you immediately like and become friendly with them. When you talk in a way that shows them that you are attracted to them and you try to make them attracted to you, you chat up that person. You pair off with someone when you start a relationship with them.

Learn Food Idioms

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"Jemima is a tough cookie, she doesn't give up easily." When we describe someone as a tough cookie, we are saying they are a strong person.

8 Food Idioms

Here are eight idioms which include a type of food.

Idiom of the Month: Wires Crossed

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wires crossed idiom

When people get their wires crossed, they have a different understanding of the same situation. They get confused, mixed up or make a mistake.

An electrician is a person whose job is to put in, check or repair electrical wires and equipment.

Idiom of the Day: Crossing the Rubicon

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When we made a difficult decision from where there is no way back, we say we cross the Rubicon. Basically crossing the Rubicon means the point of no return.

Time Phrasal Verbs

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Time is like money, we never seem to have enough of it! Do you think you manage your time wisely? Are you good at getting things done on time? Today we look at 14 phrasal verbs that are related to how we use time.

Phrasal Verbs about Relationships

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Here are some phrasal verbs that we can use when talking about relationships we have with other people. Some of them are positive, some are negative.