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G.0 - Grammar

Grammar Rules

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We often post lessons that focus on specific parts of grammar on our website, but here’s a review to see how much you remember about grammar generally. Hopefully, it will help you understand what rules you need to revise! Let us know which rules you found difficult and we will try to post some lessons based on those rules.

Are the rules below true or false? Good luck!

Find the mistakes in these sentences

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Ten sentences for you today. Each sentence has one mistake in it.

Can you find all ten mistakes?

The correct answers are below the sentences.

Choose the correct word

Average: 1.7 (174 votes)

Choose the correct missing word in each of these ten sentences.

How many did you get correct? Which ones did you get wrong? Tell us in the comments box below

Here are three words that feature in the sentences and may be new to you. Please ask if you have any other questions about vocabulary or the meaning of these sentences.

By Chris

Bristol English Language School

Average: 2.9 (15 votes)

Last week EC opened a new English language centre: EC Bristol English school.

To celebrate he's a lesson on the English city of Bristol.

Take a look at these ten sentences related to the school and city.

Choose the correct missing word in each case.

Which word is missing? Ten quick questions

Average: 3.4 (26 votes)

Today's task is in two parts. First of all choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

Part 2, give your opinion to the questions. Let us know what you think by writing your view in the comments section below.

Chris McCarthy

Which sentence is correct?

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Something that can really help you to see if you have understood a rule in English, or remembered some vocabulary, is to see if you can spot mistakes.

In each pair of sentences there is one correct sentence. Can you work out which is the correct version?
By Caroline Devane

Find the ten mistakes in this letter

Average: 3.5 (22 votes)

Here’s a letter from Caroline with a difference. Rather than a true or false or vocabulary exercise there are ten mistakes in the text. Some of them are grammar related; some are to do with the meaning of the text. See if you can find them. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

Caroline's Letter

Music is a really important part of my life.

Can you find the mistakes?

Average: 4.3 (83 votes)

There are 11 mistakes in this letter, please find and correct them all. When you are finished click on "Show Correct Letter" below.

To Dan,

Hey Dan, how is you? I’m really good, I enjoying London. It is a very interested city. There are so much to do. What have you doing? Do you have some news for me?

I had a great weekend, at Friday I went to Oxford Street and did some shopping with my friends. On Saturday I went to Liverpool street, there are a cool market there. I buyed some clothes. I had a rest on Sunday, I was so tired.

Find the common mistakes

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Take a look at these 7 sentences. How many of them have mistakes? Can you find the mistakes and do you know the reasons why?

Choose the Correct Verb - Part II (harder)

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Yesterday we had a simple vocabulary exercise about verb tenses: Choose the Correct Verb

Today we continue with a slightly more difficult task. This time, type in the missing verb using the correct tense.

Use the correct form of the verb shown in each sentence. Only use one word per sentence.

I hope I didn't make this too easy! Who got 10/10. Which ones did you get wrong?