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P.1 - Adult

Present Perfect Quiz

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Present Perfect = have/has + past participle

This lesson will help you to revise using the present perfect tense for life experiences.

Read through the sentences and change the verb in brackets to the present perfect tense. Then award yourself ten points for each thing you have done. I have got 110/150! Chris what is your score? Let's see who has the highest score.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Music Video Lesson - The Script - 'If You Ever Come Back'

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This song describes the difficulty of finding yourself single after an important relationship. Do you usually read through the lyrics and guess which words fit the gaps before you listen to the song? I’d like you to try that today, you may be surprised at how well you can understand the context! As always, please let me know if you have any requests for songs or artists in the future!

Comparing Travellers

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For this lesson, you should read through the true or false questions and then scan the text to try and find the answers within three minutes! Scanning is when you read a piece of text very quickly and look only for the answers to the questions you need. Remember to read through the questions carefully. Let us know how you found it; did you manage to find the answers within the three minutes or did it take you longer?

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Never Get Lost In A City Again - Upper Intermediate Level

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I am one of those unfortunate people who spends their first few weeks in a new city getting lost. On the plus side this means I am always discovering interesting new places; on the down side it means I always have to leave extra early before heading to my destination. I found these interesting tips on how to find your way in a city using the landmarks around you. I'm not sure how useful they will be to me but it's always good to learn something new!

Police interview: Question words

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How much do you remember about the 'wh' question words? This lesson shows a conversation between a police officer and a suspect of a crime. The police officer is asking the suspect a lot of questions to try and get information that will help them to solve the crime.

Read through the text and try to complete the gaps with the missing 'wh' word.

The words you will need are: what, who, when, why, which, how, where

Do you think the suspect is innocent or guilty?

At the Cinema

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Here's an example of a real conversation at the cinema. Read through the exchange between the two people and try to re-order the letters of the underlined words to find the correct word! Have you been to the cinema lately? It can be an excellent way to improve your English, particularly your listening skills. Good luck!

Word of the day: Mammoth

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To help us understand this joke, let's take a look at the two meanings of the word mammoth.

1 - A mammoth (noun): a bit like a dinosaur that was very big and looked like an elephant.

Music Video Lesson - Pixie Lott 'Gravity' and Casual English

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This song by Pixie Lott is a perfect example of the 'casual' spelling and pronunciation of some English words. In words ending in 'ing', people often drop the last g. For example 'singing' becomes 'singin'.

Remember: It is useful to be aware of casual or 'slang' English, but it is usually only used in informal situations.

Danny's Reading: On Travel

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You may remember me, a few months ago, writing about how restless I was feeling, how bored with the same old, same old I was, and how I had suddenly become overcome by the desire to travel. If you do, then well and good. If you don't, then don't worry too much about it - there's no test at the end of this article.

Third Conditional

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Thanks to the great teachers at EC San Francisco for this lesson.

If you hadn't come to San Francisco, where would you have studied?
If you hadn't done your homework, what would your teacher have said to you?
If you had passed that exam, what would you have done to celebrate?