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P.1 - Adult

Shopping in London Lesson

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Shopping is one of my favourite activities, particularly when someone else is paying for it! London is renowned for its excellent shops and in this city you really can find anything. Different areas are known for different products, you might go to Oxford Street for some beautiful clothes or to Notting Hill for some quirky presents!
Read this article about the different shopping areas in London and see if you can complete the gaps with a correct missing words!

Choose the Correct Auxiliary Verb

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Auxiliary verbs, also known as 'helping verbs' are verb that comes before another verb in order to form a question, a negative sentence, a tense or a passive sentence.

For example, in the following sentence what do you think is the auxiliary verb?

I don't like swimming.

Music Video Lesson - Corinne Bailey Rae - 'Put Your Records On'

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This is one of my favourite songs to listen to on lovely days, it reminds me of summer. Listen to the song and complete the gaps with the missing words. This time there is no list of missing words to choose from!

Lesson by Caroline

A pre-intermediate lesson on some past tenses

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There are many different verb tenses we can use to talk about the past.

The past simple is used to talk about finished and completed actions in the past, e.g. my friend phoned me last night.

We can also use two past simple verbs if there were two actions that happened right after each other, e.g. the cup fell and broke.

5 things to do before you're 30!

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My friend John is turning thirty next year. So a while ago, on his 29th birthday he asked us to help him think of fifty things to do before he's thirty! He's doing very well and has already completed a lot of them.

Summer Picnics

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One of the many joys of summer is sharing a picnic with friends or family. There are so many great places to have picnics in London, the south bank or one of the many beautiful parks. In this article, the writer shares some of her favourite memories of summer picnics with her family. I've removed some vocabulary and as it is quite difficult, given you the meanings of the words to help you.

False Friends - similar sounds, different meanings

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False Friends

Sometimes words in English and other languages sound the same and have the same meaning, very useful!

Unfortunately sometimes they sound the same or similar and have completely different meanings! These tricksters are called 'false friends'.

You may find the questions below very easy, or you may struggle depending on what your first language is. For each question, choose the sentence that matches the meaning of the word. Good luck!

Music Video Lesson - The Corrs 'At Your Side'

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This was the first song I ever learnt to play on the guitar! Of course that was more than a few years ago and I doubt I can play it now, but I still remember it fondly! Do any of you play instruments? If so, what was the first song you learnt to play? I didn't play guitar for very long, but I played piano for years and I really miss it. If anyone has a piano to give away then let me know!

Listen to the song and complete the gaps with the missing words, then look around for a free piano.

Past Simple Vs Past Continuous

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Here's a quick reminder of the rules of using past simple and past continuous together.

In this sentence there are two verbs:

I was watching television when he arrived.

The first action is a long action - it lasted for a period of time. We therefore use the past continuous.

The second action is a short action that has interrupted the first. So for this we need past simple!

Verbs with prepositions - Upper Intermediate Level

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Here is a quick practice exercise to see how much you remember about common verb-preposition combinations. Think carefully before you decide on the correct answer!

Lesson by Caroline Devane