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P.1 - Adult

Danny's Reading: Happiness

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I plan to live forever...So far, so good.

And I know that's an odd way to start an article, but there is a chain of thought that leads up to this statement, so let's get on with it and see if we can connect the dots…

Extinct and Endangered Animals

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This is quite a difficult lesson and should give you a good challenge!

Many animals no longer exist today and some animals such as pandas have nearly disappeared.

In other words they are extinct or endangered.

This article has some missing vocabulary.

I have taken out some of the past simple verbs.

You need to decide which verb goes in which gap and change the verb to its past simple form.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Music Video Lesson - Michael Jackson 'Earth Song'

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I'm not a big fan of this song, but it has some great vocabulary in it and contains a really good message!

Listen and try to complete the gaps. You only need to listen to the first verse. What do you think the message of this song is?

Lesson by Caroline

Adjectives Describing Animals

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How would you describe this baby meerkat?

I would describe it as fluffy, cute and playful!

This lesson focuses on adjectives to describe animals.

Some of the adjectives describe their appearance and some describe their personality.

All you need to do is choose which adjective you think best describes the animal in the sentence.

Use google to find pictures of the animals to help you with this lesson!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

In the news - South Africa

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This week I’m writing to you from Cape Town!

I'm visiting friends and family and of course will be visiting everyone at EC Cape Town, where I used to work.

I've been reading the newspapers and saw that Michelle Obama is going to be here at the same time as me, maybe I'll go and say hello! Read through this brief article and then see if you can answer the true or false questions below.

Take care everyone, maybe I'll see some of you in our Cape Town English school!

Wimbledon Tennis: reading and vocab match

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Reposting this lesson because it's Wimbledon time again!


'Game, set and match.'

"The Wimbledon Tennis Championships take place at the beginning of every summer in South-West London.

Coca Cola reading and vocabulary

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I don't think I know anyone who hasn't tried Coca-Cola, or 'Coke'.

One of my best friends drinks it instead of coffee to get her going in the morning!

I'm sure this is not advisable, but then again, neither is coffee.

Here is some interesting information about the beverage.

Read through it then see if you can fit the vocabulary in the correct gaps.

I've given you the meanings of the world to help you out.

Lesson by Caroline

Movie Lesson: Rio

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Here's a trailer for the new movie Rio.

Before you watch it, read through the 5 questions below. When you have read them, watch the clip.

What do you think about this film? Has anyone seen it? Are you planning too? Do you think that Disney movies are just for kids.

Asking for advice

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Summer's officially here in Europe and rest of the northern hemisphere. In Malta the weather's amazing and there are already plenty of tourists around soaking up the sun and relaxing on the beaches.

When you arrive in a new place it's always a good idea to ask the locals for advice on the best things to see and do. Maltese people are exceptionally friendly and more than happy to give visitors advice. If you ever come here, don't be shy to ask for a recommendation!

Do you like the beach?

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I live in London and lead a very hectic life so sometimes it’s great to get away.

The beaches in England aren't exactly like Hawaii's, but they are beautiful and wonderful to visit and relax.

I'm very lucky that I grew up in a seaside town and can visit my parents when I need some sea air.

Here is some information about some beautiful and special beaches in England. Read through the text and test how well you understand it by putting the vocabulary in the correct gaps.