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P.1 - Adult

Getting Older

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Danny Danny's been teaching English at EC for 10 years.

Anyone for a cuppa? The best cup of tea

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Drinking tea (with milk of course), is a huge part of British culture. Helen and Olly, a comedy duo who have their own podcast, went around the country learning all about it and trying to discover where they could find ‘the best cup of tea’.

Watch the video, and then see if you can answer the true or false questions.

Right, I’m off to boil the kettle.
By Caroline Devane

The 7 Wonders of the World

Average: 3.9 (27 votes)

There are so many amazing places to see in the world and some day, I would love to visit the seven man made wonders. In this lesson, I have removed some key vocabulary from the text. All you need to do is complete the gaps. When you’re finished, please tell me two things.
Lesson by Caroline

1. What sight do you think should be made a ‘wonder’?
2. Which of these wonders is your favourite?

Pocahontas - Just Around the River Bend

Average: 3.6 (14 votes)

Do you remember this song from the Disney movie, Pocahontas? See if you can complete the gaps. All of the missing words are related to geography and landscapes. Good luck!
By Caroline Devane

Verb Tense Practice

Average: 3.4 (33 votes)

Take a look at the irregular verb blow.

Blow is the present simple tense

Blew is the past simple tense

Blown is the past participle

Blowing is the progressive form.

Which sentence is correct?

Average: 3.3 (82 votes)

Something that can really help you to see if you have understood a rule in English, or remembered some vocabulary, is to see if you can spot mistakes.

In each pair of sentences there is one correct sentence. Can you work out which is the correct version?
By Caroline Devane

Music Lesson - Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Average: 3.8 (11 votes)

I have removed some important verbs from thi song. This is excellent listening practice and will remind you of, or teach you, some useful verbs.
By Caroline Deavne

Sports Idioms

Average: 3.3 (19 votes)

Lots of idiomatic expressions come from things people say to each other in sports. For example in fishing,'to get off the hook' means literally, for the fish to escape! These phrases have been adapted and, as idioms, can be used in a variety of circumstances. In each of these sentences, can you decide which idiom is needed?
Caroline Devane

Photography Tips

Average: 2.9 (12 votes)

Our students travel to new countries, discover new cultures and come back with some amazing memories and thousands of photos! Here are some tips to make sure you take the best photos you possibly can.

I have removed some important vocabulary from the text. All you need to do is choose which word goes in which gap.
Lesson by Caroline

Elementary to Pre-Intermediate – Opposite Adjectives

Average: 3.6 (9 votes)

Many adjectives have perfect opposites. For example: hot and cold.

Choose the opposite of the following words:
By Amanda Pooley, EC Cape Town English School