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R.0 - Reading (receptive)

How do you sleep?

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Mmmm sleep, how I miss it!

Apparently, the position we are in when we sleep can give people an insight into our personality.

Which position do you sleep in?

Do you snore?

Read the article and try and complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Do you love movies?

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Movie Buff: A person who knows a lot about movies.

Are you a movie buff? Do you know any interesting facts about movies?

I've been surfing the web, finding out some fascinating film trivia and facts about the (sometimes) glamorous world of movies!

Read through the facts and then try and put the vocabulary in the correct gaps. Break a leg!

Doing Volunteer Work Abroad

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What does volunteer mean?

a volunteer: (noun) a person who does something, usually helping other people, because they want to. They are not paid to do it. Volunteer can also be used as an adjective, "I'm a volunteer hospital worker. I help out at the hospital on weekends."

to volunteer: (verb) to offer to help or do something.

In the News - Adoption

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There are new guidelines in the U.K. regarding adoption. Now, parents should be able to adopt a child of a different race to their own.

Adoption: (noun) the act of legally taking a child to be looked after as your own. Verb: adopt.

Officially, this has always been the policy, but has rarely happened, as efforts are made to place children with backgrounds 'similar' to their own.

Conspiracy Theories Reading Comprehension

Average: 3.1 (14 votes)

Though I never believe them, I can waste hours when I should be studying, reading about conspiracy theories. Here is a selection of my favourites! Read the article carefully and then try and answer the true or false questions below. Do you know of any other conspiracy theories? Do you believe in any of them?

Good luck. May the force be with you!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

The Royal Wedding

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There is much anticipation for William and Kate's Royal Wedding, which is taking place tomorrow.

It is the wedding of our future king, as well as the first royal wedding for eleven years. Read this article, which tells us the facts we need to know about the day and see if you can fit the vocabulary into the correct gaps.

Study Tip: Do you ever try and guess how the vocabulary relates to the story. How do you think the royal wedding could be related to a turkey?!

What is Slam Poetry?

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Read this article about the history of slam poetry and see if you can answer the true or false questions after. Then, why don’t you try and write some of your own slam poetry? There are slam events happening in most major cities in the world. Whilst your studying it would be a great idea to attend one, and maybe even perform!
Lesson by Caroline

Language Education in the UK

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Here is a short, but interesting article, regarding the national curriculum here in the U.K.

Changes in U.K. education occur continuously, as those in power argue over what the most important things to teach our children are.

As an advocate for the arts, I think more arts disciplines, that foster creativity should be implemented.

What do you think?

What are the most important subjects at schools?

Read the article and then answer the true or false questions...

The Most Depressing Day of the Year

Average: 3.3 (9 votes)

True or False Upper Intermediate Reading

Average: 4.2 (13 votes)

Jessica Ennis is a famous British athlete who came third in this year’s ‘BBC Personality of the Year Award’. This article focuses on her attitude to money. Read the article and then see if you can answer the true or false questions below. Are any of you involved in athletics?
Lesson by Caroline Devane