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R.0 - Reading (receptive)

Culture Lesson: London Thames Festival

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This weekend the annual Thames festival is taking place and I am going to go and join in the party! This article comes from the free Evening Standard newspaper. I have taken some of the key vocabulary from the article away; can you put the correct word in each gap? Did anyone else go to the festival?
Lesson by Caroline

Top Ten Tips for IELTS Reading

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EC's successful IELTS course is taught by friendly and experienced teachers. Today EC London English School teacher, Chris Tang, shares these essential tips.

Long Live The King!

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My Future

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Here is another letter from me to you! This time, try and put the paragraphs in the correct order. I hope you enjoy it!

Me dancing when I was a teenager.

In the news - baby tale not black and white - Upper Int level

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I found this fascinating article about white children being born to black parents and decided to use it for one of my lessons. This is a surprisingly common phenomenon. I have taken out some of the words and challenge you to put the vocabulary in the correct gaps! Good luck! Caroline.

Top three beaches!

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Anyone else feel like relaxing on a beautiful beach for a few weeks? Well if you're going to, why not take a look at these beaches, voted the top in the world by 'The Guardian newspaper'. Read through the article, adding the missing words as you go along.

Read the full article at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2007/feb/16/beach.top10?page=all

In the news - Britain hotter than Cairo

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I hope everyone who's studying in the UK has been enjoying this beautiful weather! This article has six words missing, all of them related to the weather. Put each word listed in one of the gaps. What have you been doing in this heat wave? Brighton students it would be great to hear from you!

In the news: Slight rise in UK adult learners, survey suggests

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Level: Pre-Intermediate +

Here's some interesting news about adult learners in the UK. Read the article then copy and paste the key words into the correct gap.

There has been a slight rise in the number of adults in the UK taking part in learning, a survey suggests.

A _A_ of 5,000 adults by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education found 21% were involved in learning, up from a low in 2009 of 18%.

An English Poem

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On poetry

A couple of days ago we had a request for a lesson on poetry. I'm sure most of us have terrible memories of poetry-writing in school. I remember my teacher telling me to write a poem with no instructions on how to form one. "Just try" was her instruction...not very helpful. Can you imagine a piano teacher telling a student to "just try and play the piano' without any guidance on notes, keys or timing and expect a student to be magically able to play?

In the news: Star Wars - Scotland's Jedi Police

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Here's a news story that's very popular with news media at the moment.  Are you a Star Wars fan? You might find this unusual story amusing:

When asked in a volunteer survey to write down their religion, eight members of Scotland's police wrote 'Jedi'. In the famous Star Wars films, Jedis such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda use the Force to battle the evil Darth Vader (a Jedi who uses the dark side of the Force).