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R.0 - Reading (receptive)

Reading and vocabulary practice of the day!

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Mr. Thomas retires.

Read the following following paragraph about the speech that was made by her boss Mr. Thomas:

So what are you doing this weekend?

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'Sunny Malta!'

Hey Guys,

Another Friday and the end of another working week; I hope you had a good one and you're looking forward to the weekend. I was just wondering what your plans are? I'd love to hear how you'll be spending the weekend in your part of the world.

Cultural Lesson: Easter

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To Christians, Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days of being dead. Like Christmas.  Easter is celebrated by non-Christians; clearly, for many, the religious significance has been lost. Instead of being a religious celebration, these days, it's all about eating chocolate and having a good time.

In the news: World's Cheapest Car

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Indian car maker Tata has just launched the world's cheapest car: the new 'Tata Nano' will cost an estimated $2000 and is being aimed at the Indian market where it's hoped that the cheap price will tempt motorcyclists to trade up to cars.

What does 'Jump the Shark' mean?

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I was reading something online the other day when I came across this interesting expression: 'jump the shark'.

In the news: Germans prefer internet to love!

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In the news: 13-year-old father

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In the news: Australian Bushfires

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Read the following article on the recent bushfires in Australia and then mtach the key-words to their meanings:

Cultural Lesson: Brighton Music Scene

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Culture Lesson: Chinese New Year!

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Read the following information on the Chinese New Year and then match the key words to their meanings below: