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R.4.1 - Inferring meaning of unknown lexis from content

Culture Lesson - Staying in Cape Town

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An EC student has been learning English at EC Cape Town. While he was there he stayed in Mountain View Residence. Read what he thought about his accommodation and take the key word quiz.

In the news: New Zealand couple become millionaires by accident

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Imagine that one day you apply for an overdraft of $6,300 from your local bank, and then you find out that the bank have mistakenly paid $6m into your bank account. That's what happened to a New Zealand couple who benefited from a banking error. Finding millions of dollars accidentally deposited into their account, they withdrew $6m before fleeing New Zealand and vanishing!

Want to learn new words?

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Let's see how good your vocabulary is and maybe introduce you to some new words. Try and match the key word to its closet meaning. There are four choices for each word; only one is correct. Good luck.

Link: Try another vocab quiz

In the news: swine flu

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Culture Lesson: Golden Week in Japan

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Culture Lesson: Good Friday

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Do you know what Good Friday is? Here's some information you may find interesting:

Good Friday is always on the Friday before Easter Sunday and is one of the most important days in the Christian calendar. On this day Christians commemorate the anniversary of Jesus' crucifixion and death. For Christians today, 'Good Friday' is like a day of mourning rather than a day of celebration like Christmas.

In the news: Facebook saved his life!

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Facebook, Myspace, Twitter - the world is in love with these social networking sites and I bet you are too, and why not? They're useful for many reasons, such as, keeping in touch with friends, making new ones, and now, for saving lives!

Culture Lesson: April Fools' Day

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April 1 is known as "April Fools' Day" in many countries although the origins of this unusual day are obscure. One theory of its origins is that during pagan times the first day of summer was celebrated on May 1and only 'fools' would get the date wrong celebrating it one month early (April 1).

Phrasal Verbs - Seeing a Dentist

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Read through the following short story to brush up (review) your phrasal verbs (some other important words are linked to the Cambridge Online Dictionary):

Weekend Reading - Do You 'Work Out'?

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