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V.1 - Lexical Range (general)

High Intermediate: Comedy Listening and Vocab Lesson

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Check the meaning of the following words:

Advanced Vocabulary Game

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In this exercise I’m going to give you a word and two definitions. Your job is to decide which the correct definition is. Good luck!

Link: Which is the correct definition?

Lesson by Caroline



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This is a little treat for regular users of the website. I have written a few questions that contain vocabulary or grammar from the past few weeks. This test reviews how well you have remembered the subjects that you have been studying. Congratulations in advance, I’m sure you’ll all do very well!

Lesson by Caroline

Crime Vocabulary

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Although it's not nice to think about, it's useful to know some vocabulary about crime. Here is a list of crime vocabulary. Check your understanding by inserting the correct word in each gap. To make it even harder, if it is a missing verb, make sure you put it in the correct tense! Can you think of any more vocabulary related to crime?

In the news - baby tale not black and white - Upper Int level

Average: 3.1 (14 votes)

I found this fascinating article about white children being born to black parents and decided to use it for one of my lessons. This is a surprisingly common phenomenon. I have taken out some of the words and challenge you to put the vocabulary in the correct gaps! Good luck! Caroline.

Listening Practice 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked

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In the news - English language schools win court battle over visas

Average: 3.5 (11 votes)

Here is a news lesson that really affects us. I have removed some of the words from the text and need you to put the correct word in each gap. What do you think about this situation. Do you agree with the opinions of the people in the article?

Read the full article at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/10569701.stm

Which is the correct definition?

Average: 3.9 (10 votes)

In this exercise I'm going to give you a word and two definitions. Your job is to decide which is the correct definition. Good luck!

When you have finished try writing your own example sentences using today's vocabulary.

Link: Important Forms Practice

Lesson by Caroline

Business English - Confused in the workplace

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There are some words related to work that can be very confusing, as they sound similar but have very different meanings. For example:

Employer- the person who employs people (the boss).
Employee- the person who works for the employer.

Travel Tips

Average: 3.5 (8 votes)

Many of our students learn English for travel purposes, so here's an article that can help you build your vocabulary while also giving you some interesting tips about staying safe during your travels. Copy and paste, or write, the words from the list into the correct gaps.