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V.1 - Lexical Range (general)

AWL -Academic Word List - G , H & J

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The last time you tested yourself here on AWL vocabulary, the focus was on 'F' words. This time you'll see if you recognize how to use some words beginning with G, H, and J. (NB: There are so many 'I' words on the AWL that they will be part of a separate vocabulary activity.)

Give Up TV

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A few days ago I posted a lesson on having a healthy lifestyle. Today my thoughts are a little similar, but different. Today I'd like you to think about having a healthier mind. I'm talking about _1_ TV! Well, at least if we can't completely stop we should consider _2_ on the amount we watch.

Business English Vocabulary

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Work. We all have to do it. Some of us love what we do, some of others don't enjoy what we do at all. The reality is, we all spend too much time in work these days. So what are some of the words that are related to the world of work? Here is some vocabulary we can use when we are talking about working for a company. Now, get to work!

AWL -Academic Word List - the 'F's'

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Probably a non-academic word comes to mind when you see 'F' word. That one, of course, isn't on the Academic Word List. ;-) Nevertheless, there are a number of other useful 'F' words for the TOEFL or IELTS.

Wedding Vocabulary and Reading

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Read the following paragraph about the wedding I went to over the weekend and pay attention to the words in blue. Do you know what they mean?

Word of the day: Umpteen

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Umpteen is used for a relatively large amount or number. We use it when we want to show that there are very many / a lot of something when we don't know the exact number. It is a casual / informal word that is used in spoken English.

"I've met him umpteen times and I still can't remember his name."
"She's given me umpteen reasons why she couldn't do her homework."

Word of the day: Whinge

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Meaning: To complain or protest, especially about something which does not seem important.

Whinge as a verb:
"She's always whinging about something."
"I went out with Tom last night. He spent the whole evening whinging about his wife."

In the news: Theme Park Bans Smelly People

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Rollercoaster riders at an English theme park are being banned from putting their arms in the air - after complaints about body odour.

Using the new rule, signs will tell visitors to keep their arms down and 'Say no to B.O.!' (Body Odour).

Wardens on the rides will also remind people to consider their fellow passengers and anyone ignoring the warnings will be taken off the rollercoaster. Those who continue to do so will be asked to leave the park.

AWL -Academic Word List - the 'E's'

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For the sake of variety, this exercise differs from the previous ones focusing on the AWL.

Here the object is to choose the 'e' word that best completes the sentence.  Having some context may help you to better select the correct answer. 

Good luck!

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Link: Academic Word List - 'D' Letters

AWL Academic Word List: D

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Here are ten more words on the AWL from the 'D' list. Again, you must choose the one word that differs in meaning from the given word. Now put on your thinking cap (= think hard), and use your noodle (= use your brain).

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Link: Academic Word List - Letters 'B'and 'C'