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Words that are spelled differently but sound the same

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Today we have an exercise on homophones, which, as you have probably guessed from the title of the lesson, means words that are spelled differently but sound the same (They are sometimes called heterographs, but it's not important to get that technical).

For example, to, two, and too

Now choose the correct word for each sentence.

Very, Too and Enough

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Use very before adjectives, adverbs or -ing words. Very is neutral - it is not positive or negative. It makes the word that comes after it stronger.

"Wayne is a very funny man."
"I had a very busy day at work."

-ing or -ed? Participles as Adjectives

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Time to brush up on (review) your understanding of participles as adjectives.

Some participles can be used as adjectives in either the present or past form.

Present Participle (-ing) is used to describe something or someone.
"I watched an interesting TV about American history last night."
"This film is boring. Let's stop watching it."

5 common phrasal verbs you should know

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Phrasal verbs are used a lot when we speak. They are used instead of more formal English words which have the same meaning. It is ok to use them when writing to friends; however, avoid using them in formal speaking or writing situations.

Let's take a look at 5 examples and their meanings.

Connectives - How to make longer sentences

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English learners often write using short sentences and have a making longer sentences.

Today we take a look at some basic words that you can use to link connect short sentences together.

Here's an example,

"We are early. There was no traffic."

"We are early because there was no traffic."

As you can see because is used to link the two pieces of information into one simple sentence.

Business English Idiom: Olive Branch

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Take a look at this sentence which appears on businessweek's website report on an official visit by a US politician to China:

"U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner’s visit to Beijing is a “very encouraging” development that offers an “olive branch” to China ahead of a series of meetings."

'Alien' April Fools' story angers Jordan mayor

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Read this recent news story and place the words into the correct places:

A Jordanian mayor is considering _A_ a newspaper over an April Fools' Day report saying aliens had landed nearby.

Al-Ghad's front-page story on 1 April said flying saucers _B_ by 3m (10ft) creatures had landed in the desert town of Jafr, in eastern Jordan.

It said communication networks went down and frightened townspeople _C_ into the streets.

Review Past Simple Tense

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Today we review the past simple tense. Change these ten verbs into the past simple tense and add them to the correct sentences.

catch cost hide sleep grow smell teach blow draw forgive

Think carefully about the tense and spelling!

Link: Verb Tense Review

Prepositions Quiz - Mixed Level

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It doesn't matter what level of English you have, it's always important to practice your knowledge of prepositions.

Brush up on your understanding with this mixed exercise.

Choose the right preposition in each sentence.

Who will be the first person to get 10/10? Which questions did you get wrong?

Link: Prepositions plus '-ing'

Word of the Day - Rash

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This cartoon looks at the double meaning of the word rash.

rash: (noun) a skin problem that results in a lot of small red spots on the skin. Rashes are often caused by allergies.
"She got a rash on her arms after touching the cat. She must be allergic to them."