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Vocabulary: At the gym

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One of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to exercise regularly. Not only will you look better, but you will feel great and your health will thank you.
Below you will find a description of equipment you can find at the gym, can you match the word to its description?

Fitness Equipment

Exercise ball
Exercise bike
Punching bag

Looking for a Job Online

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Lots of students decide to take on some part time work to help pay for their studies whilst abroad. One of the most popular roles they choose is catering and Pret a Manger is known for being a very friendly employer. Go to the Pret a Manger website and see if you can find the answers to these questions. This is a quick and easy but incredibly useful practice exercise. Perhaps it will inspire some of you to apply!

Visit: www.pret.com/jobs

Go to the Pret a Manger website to answer these questions:

Music Video Lesson: Maroon 5

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Every now and again I try to choose a song for a listening lesson that was very popular at the time. This song by Maroon 5 got to number 2 in the UK charts, so perhaps you know the lyrics already! Listen to the song and try to complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary. Good luck! Before you listen, read through the lyrics and to try to guess which words best fit.

The Media - Advanced Reading

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The following article is an interesting and controversial topic that has gained importance in recent years. Read it and increase your vocabulary and at the end evaluate your comprehension by answering the True/False questions.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

The Owners of the "News"

The role of the media is essentially defined by the manipulation of information oriented towards the control of "public opinion", but their goals are not social as described in the mythology of "journalistic objectivity".

The Hottest Day!

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According to the radio, August 18th was the hottest day in the UK for two years when temperatures peaked at 32.4C (90.3F) in the south of England. Being 8 months pregnant at the time I was not too thrilled about it but fortunately my office was nice and cool. I do enjoy the sunshine, however, and love what summer brings! Here's a short article about what I love about summer. Unscramble the mixed up words to find the summer vocabulary. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Present Simple and Present Continuous

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In today's lesson we will be discussing the differences between the present simple and the present continuous. It is a common mistake for English learners to mix these two tenses up, but after this lesson you will know when to use the correct tense. Read the explanation and the examples and then complete the sentences with the correct verb.

Music Video Lesson: Accidentally in Love

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The next song was part of the soundtrack of one of the highest grossing films of recent years. The film has a creative imagination that brings together a number of fairy tale characters, who are loved by children and adults alike.

Enjoy the song and choose the correct word to complete the gaps. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Would You Ever?

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I love asking my friends would you ever questions and finding out things I didn't know about them! Here are some answers from my friend Dan, all you need to do is match his answers to the questions I asked him. When you have completed the task, why don't you practise your speaking and ask your friends the same questions...or do you have any better 'would you ever' questions...Let us know!

Would you ever questions are asked about future actions. Have you ever questions ask about someone's past experiences.

Car Vocabulary

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I'm sure quite a few of you are drivers and perhaps some of you are driving in the UK. Therefore, it's really important that you know car vocabulary. This way, if your car breaks down you will be able to be specific about what the problem is. Read through the definitions and put the correct word in the gap. Safe driving!

Lesson by Caroline

Bonus Questions: What do American English speakers call the 'boot'?

Ate to Ation

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Here is a useful rule for you to remember. Many verbs that end in ate can be changed to nouns by taking away the ate and adding ation. For example, associate becomes association.

To get you familiar with this pattern, try the following quiz. In each sentence, do you need the verb or noun form of the word? Good luck and let us know how you get on.