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Verb Review

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When you start learning verbs you will usually try to remember them in three different forms. The Present Simple, Past Simple and Past Participle. A regular verb will look like this:
Look (present simple)
Looked (past simple)
(past participle)

Present Perfect V Past Simple

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What can you remember about how to use these tenses? Here are some top tips for using the present perfect and the past simple and then a test to check your understanding.

Find the ten mistakes in this letter

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Here’s a letter from Caroline with a difference. Rather than a true or false or vocabulary exercise there are ten mistakes in the text. Some of them are grammar related; some are to do with the meaning of the text. See if you can find them. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

Caroline's Letter

Music is a really important part of my life.

Gerund or Infinitive?

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It’s always a good idea to revise difficult things to remember such as verb patterns.

So in the following sentences, can you remember which form of the verb is needed, the gerund or the infinitive?
Lesson by Caroline Devane

10 Quick Preposition Questions

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Learning prepositions is not easy! There are so many rules and exceptions to follow. The best option is look at how prepositions are used in full sentences rather than looking at them on their own.

The more time you spend reading, listening and speaking English, the easier it becomes to use prepositions

Double Negatives

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A double negatives is two negative words together in the same sentence. If these two negative words are talking about the same subject they cancel each other out and the sentence becomes positive:

"I am not going to pay no bills" = I am going to pay some bills.
"She can't make friends with nobody" = she can make friends with somebody

CAE Language Work 1: Inversion

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This tutorial tests your ability to use a key structure that is often tested in the Use of English paper. Check your answers by clicking on 'Show Answers' below.
Today's lesson comes from Chris Tang who teaches CAE courses in London.

1) Read the following text in which a student describes the advice given by their teacher about the speaking exam:

Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous

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Today we take a look at the uses of Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous.
Thanks to Amy Whiting from our Cape Town English School for this lesson.

Past Simple Tense - Find all the mistakes

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This story has lots of mistakes. There are 33 verbs in the wrong tense! Can you find them all:

10 Questions - Choose the right verb

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Hello everyone!

Quick grammar quiz for you today. Take a look at these 10 sentences and choose the correct verb.

Let me know if you get 10/10. Which ones did you get wrong?

Good luck,

Chris M.