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T.26 - Travel

At the Beach - Vocabulary

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Quite a few of our schools are located near beaches, so you may find this vocabulary very useful! Read this short text about my recent trip to the beach and try to complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary. How many of you are studying near a beach? What is your favourite beach? There is a town in Spain called 'Nerja' and they have the most beautiful beach, I wish I could go there for a few days now. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline


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We write postcards to friends and family when we are on holiday. They are usually very short and talk about what we are doing and enjoying. I just got this postcard from my Mum and Dad, who are on holiday in Tenerife! Read through the postcard and put the words in the correct gap.

When you have finished, imagine you are on holiday and you are sending a postcard to your best friend. What would you write about? Please post your answers below!

Hi Caroline!

A Letter from Colombia

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Hello All!

Please read this letter from me to you and try to answer the true or false questions below. There is one phrase at the end of the letter that I'd like you to try to explain...is it really to do with meat?

Take care!

Caroline Devane

At The Train Station - Word Scramble

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Here's an example of a real conversation at the train station.

Read through the dialogue and see if you can unscramble the orange words, all of them are words related to train stations and journeys.

Let me know how you get on. When you're finished, role play the situation with a friend.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Comparing Travellers

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For this lesson, you should read through the true or false questions and then scan the text to try and find the answers within three minutes! Scanning is when you read a piece of text very quickly and look only for the answers to the questions you need. Remember to read through the questions carefully. Let us know how you found it; did you manage to find the answers within the three minutes or did it take you longer?

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Danny's Reading: On Travel

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You may remember me, a few months ago, writing about how restless I was feeling, how bored with the same old, same old I was, and how I had suddenly become overcome by the desire to travel. If you do, then well and good. If you don't, then don't worry too much about it - there's no test at the end of this article.

Advanced Level Reading on Travel

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Airport Vocabulary Word Scramble

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I just came back from South Africa, so I won't be travelling for a while! But you might! Here is some important vocabulary that will help you at the airport. Read through the text and try to 'unscramble' the orange words to find the airport related vocab. Good luck!

Phrasal Verbs for Travel

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Today's lesson reviewd and builds on the 7 travel phrasal verbs we studied at a few weeks ago. Look at the these phrasal verbs and their definitions. Fill in the gaps with the correct phrasal verbs so that the text makes sense. (Keep in mind that the main verb changes according to the time and function of the sentence, e.g. drop off in a past passive structure is I was dropped off.

Travel Phrasal Verbs

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Here's an exercise to see how much you remember about these phrasal verbs which are all used to talk about travel and holidays. Decide which phrasal verb fits in each gap. Then check and see if any of them need to be in a different tense.

Remember, it's really important to double check your work for little mistakes!

Good luck!

By Caroline Devane