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T.26 - Travel

Danny's Reading - Travel

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I've never really understood the expression 'itchy feet'. I know what it means, of course, and for those of you who've never heard it before, itchy feet is what you get when you get the sudden urge to travel; to want to leave where you are because, suddenly, where you are is not where you want to be. I'’ve never felt like that. I've never felt the need to go out and see the world because, the way I see it, doing the job I do, the world tends to drop into my classroom and see me. So, I've never got itchy feet.

Until now.

Going on holiday - A letter from Caroline - elementary reading

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Here's a short letter from me about my upcoming holiday to Tenerife! I've removed some of the vacation related vocabulary. Read through the letter and try and fit the words in the correct gaps.

Key Words


London Life!

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Travel Idioms

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There are many idioms in English that include a mode of transport or a verb used with transport. For example:

"This course is really hard, but at least we are all in the same boat."

In other words, we are all in the same situation. What do you think the missing words are in these idioms? Good luck!

Can you write a definition of what each idiom means?

Travel Tips

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Many of our students learn English for travel purposes, so here's an article that can help you build your vocabulary while also giving you some interesting tips about staying safe during your travels. Copy and paste, or write, the words from the list into the correct gaps.

In the News: Iceland volcano closes airports

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Here's a reading and vocabulary exercise on a story you may be following on the news.

Flights across much of Europe are being cancelled on a second day of _A_ disruption caused by_B_thrown up from a_C_in Iceland.

Phrasal verbs for transport

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Today we have part-three in our look at transport. Here we focus on phrasal verbs. Thanks to Sebastian at EC Cape Town another great exercise.

Many phrasal verbs use prepositions like into, out of and onto. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option. Good luck, hope you find this useful!

Transport Verbs

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Yesterday had a lesson on adjectives for transport from Sebastian (teacher at EC Cape Town English school). Today we continue the topic, with another lesson from Sebastian, by looking at travel verbs.

We all use transportation in our daily lives, so I hope this English vocabulary is useful to you!

Choose the correct option to complete these sentences.

Adjectives for transport Level: Elem / Pre-Int

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Read the descriptions and choose the correct adjectives from the list that have the same meaning.

Good luck, guys!

unreliable / empty / comfortable / dangerous / reliable / crowded / safe / /fast / slow / uncomfortable

Now use these words and your own to describe your experiences with transport in your area. How do you travel around your town? Do you have good public transport? What are the roads/traffic like?

Travel Vocabulary - Tell me your Plans

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Holiday season is fast approaching with many of us enjoying time off from school or work over the Christmas and New Year period. Some of us will be going back to our hometowns to visit family or perhaps taking a vacation. Personally, I'll be leaving Malta for two weeks to go back to my hometown, Cardiff in the  UK. I already have my plane tickets and I don't have to worry about hotels because I'll be staying with family. I can't wait!