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T.4 - Work and Jobs

Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary

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Vocabulary - In the Office

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Many people learn 'pen, pencil and paper' in their first English lessons, but can you remember these words, which are also things you would find in an office?

Match each word to its definition. What else do we find in an office?

Lesson by Caroline

Articles: A, An, The

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How much do you remember about when to use the articles, 'the, an, a'?

Read this letter from me and try and decide which article you need in each gap.

Some of the gaps don't need an article at all; can you work out which ones these are?

Lesson by Caroline

My Many Jobs!

I've had lots of different jobs and careers in my life and I'd like to tell you about some of them.

I got my first job when I was thirteen, as _1_ dog walker.

Job Descriptions

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Here is a very practical example of reading practice in English.

Below is a job description for a job with a famous theatre located in the South of England.

When you apply for a job, you should always read the full job description, as it will give you details on what the employer is looking for and what your responsibilities will be.

Read through the following job description and then check your understanding by answering the true or false questions below.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

How long have you been teaching English?

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'How long have you been teaching?'

'What did you do before you were a teacher?'

FAQs that are asked by many students of their teachers.

How to write a CV

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Lots of our students study English to improve their job prospects, and when you’re applying for a job it is highly likely that you will need to submit a CV. Here’s an article about how to make a really excellent CV, followed by some true or false questions to check your understanding. I hope you find it helpful!
Lesson by Caroline Devane.

Work Idioms

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After the success of last week's love idioms exercise, I decided to write another idioms lesson for you based on expressions that contain the verb 'to work'.

I have written the meanings of the expressions at the top and then created some sentences that include the idioms. Can you work out which idiom belongs to each sentence?

Job Review - Beginners / Elementary

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I have written ten descriptions of jobs bellow but I have scrambled up the letters of the job titles. Can you rewrite them correctly? What job would you like to do? Or what job are you doing at the moment? Here's another question for you, what job do you think is the best job in the world? Take care! Caroline

How to talk about unemployment

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How to talk about your job

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When someone asks you 'What do you do?', they're asking 'What's your job?'. You, for example, might answer 'I work for an insurance company.'