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V.9.4 - General lexical collocation

Choose the right verb

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Take a look at the following ten sentences and choose the correct missing verb. This exercise is good for High Intermediate English students.

Link: Which question is best?

Collocations - learn correct English

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Make a mistake? Do a mistake? Take a mistake?

Which is the correct verb to use with 'a mistake'. I hope you said 'make'. But why is that right? Well, the fact is that  the verb and noun combination just sounds right in English.

The difficulty for English learners is that these 'collocations' must be learned, usually without any rules to help them remember. Collocations are best understood and learned through practice.

Make, Take, Do and Have Collocations

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Take this quiz and see how well you do.  It takes practice to recognize which words go together with make, do, take and have.  Do you recognize the following expressions? 

Have fun!

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Link: Environemnt Vocabulary

Word of the day: Spick and Span

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Adjective: spick and span (also spick-and-span, spic and span)

Learn collocations

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An important part of improving your English is learning which words go together to make natural English sentences. These combinations of words are called collocations.

Do we make a mistake or do a mistake? Which is the correct verb? Make is the verb that collocates with mistake.

Try this quiz and don't make any mistakes!

Learn English Verbs

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Let's take a look at some English verbs. Read through the seven sentences and choose the verb that best completes each sentence.


Verb Collocations

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"Go diving" or "go to diving'?

When learning English it's important to learn collocations. Collocations are groups of  words that appear together in a sentence. Take a look at the following verb collocations. Each verb goes with a word or phrase:

How to use Play, Do and Go

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'Do yoga? Play yoga? Go yoga?'

We use the verbs play, do and go with sports and activities. Here is the information you need to know to use them correctly:


Play is used with ball sports or competitive games where we play against another person:

Make collocations: using 'make' excercise

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'Be careful that you don't make a mistake!'

Collocations - words we use with 'make'

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'Try not to make too much noise.'

'Make' is a useful  English verb that can often be found with the words shown below. These are all common  uses of the verb 'make'.

Make a note of any new words and try to write them out in sentences and use them when you are speaking.

'Make' Collocations