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Do you know these homonyms?

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A Intermediate level lesson for you today.

Spending a lot of time on English language sites is a great way to practice your English. Leaving comments (as you can on this site) is an even better way to practise.

When writing English you should be careful of tricky homonyms.  A homonym is a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different spelling and different meaning.

For example: flower and flour

Can you write a homonym for each each word below?

Build your speaking skills

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Concentrating on the basics is a good way to make sure you speak English accurately. Below are ten sentences  featuring words that students get mixed up when they talk.

I hope that this will be a good review and that you all get 10/10.

You can do it!


Go, goes, going, went or gone.

How to write Contractions

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A Pre-Intermediate task for you today:

A contraction is formed by joing two other words.

An apostrophe shows where a letter or letters have been omitted (left out).

Example: it is = it's ( i is omitted).

Exception: won't is an exception. Will not becomes won't.

Write the correct contraction for each pair of missing words. When you have finished write some example sentences using contractions.


AWL - Academic Word List - the 'I's'

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More AWL (Academic Word List) Practice: The 'I's' have it! (This is a play on 'The ayes have it.' This latter expression means that the voice vote is in, and those in favor of a measure have won.)

How was your weekend?

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So how was your weekend? What did you do?  Did you do anything nice? Here's something I did over the weekend.

I went out for a meal with my cousins on Saturday night.

I have a large family and we don't see each other as much as we would like so we decided to all _1_ up.

These days we only seem see each other at weddings or funerals. An informal get together was long _2_.

It took a lot of planning to find an evening when we were all available, that's for sure.

Culture Lesson - Thanksgiving Holiday in USA

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Did you know that today, November 26 2009, is an important holiday in America? Today is Thanksgiving. Here's some information on why and how American's celebrate.  

Travel Vocabulary - Tell me your Plans

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Holiday season is fast approaching with many of us enjoying time off from school or work over the Christmas and New Year period. Some of us will be going back to our hometowns to visit family or perhaps taking a vacation. Personally, I'll be leaving Malta for two weeks to go back to my hometown, Cardiff in the  UK. I already have my plane tickets and I don't have to worry about hotels because I'll be staying with family. I can't wait!

Marriage - Reading and Vocabulary

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Read through the paragraphs and complete them with the correct missing words. I recommend reading the whole paragrpah once, then reading it again while trying to choose the right vocabulary.

Confusing Words - Look, See, Watch and Listen & Hear

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Simple words are often easy to confuse.

Today I want you to explain me about the difference between look, see & watch and then listen & hear.

Use the comments section to explain what's the difference in meaning and give some example sentences. To get you thinking, I have created a ten-question quiz for you to try.

So who is going to be the first person to write a explanation?

I know you can do it!

Choose the missing word

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Here's a list of ten questions. Each question is missing one word. Choose the correct missing words and when you have finished give your own answers to the questions by leaving a comment.

I think today's activity is good for Intermediate level students. Who can get 10/10?

What's the Best Question?