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Prepositions of time and place - Elementary/Pre-intermediate

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Complete the following sentences using the correct preposition. Use  a dash "-" when you think that no preposition is needed.

Good luck!

Lesson by Adele, EC Cape Town English language school

Link: Prepositions In, On, At

Idiom of the day 'Heart into'

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Heart into

Today's cartoon is based on the idiom Put your heart into something:

When you put your heart into something you make a lot of effort to do something.
"He's the kind of person who puts his heart into his job."
"She wanted her company to be a success and really put her heart into it."

Vocabulary for Beginner/Elementary/Pre-Intermediate Level

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Here are ten words. Do you know them?

Unscramble the words to find the answer:

e.g. A black and white striped animal - zebra (braze)

Today's lesson by Adele, EC Cape Town

Link: Chose the correct verb

Reflexive Pronouns for Upper-Intermediate students

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When you look in a mirror you see your own reflection, i.e. you see yourself. 'Yourself' is an example of a reflexive pronoun. Just as a mirror reflects your image, so does a reflexive pronoun reflect the subject pronoun!

Reflexive pronouns are used in two different ways:

Articles - Beginner Level

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Use a, an and the in the sentences below:

Lesson by Adele, EC Cape Town

When to use a, an, some, any

Possessive Adjectives (Elementary/Pre- Intermediate)

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An adjective is a word which give us more information about a nonun. Car is a noun, big is an adjective.

"That is a big car."

Possessive Adjective

My is an adjective. In this sentence, It shows who the cars belong to.

"That is my car."

In the news: Haiti Earthquake / Level: High Intermediate

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Have you been following the news out of Haiti using English-speaking media. Here's some of the vocabulary that's being used. What are your thoughts on the earthquake. Do they happen in your country?

Reading for information and comparing

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The famous sitcom and now movie "Sex and the City" makes use of so many comparisons, people in New York are always comparing their clothes, bodies, houses, salaries etc.... etc... ! Read about the different characters from the movie and complete the comparative and superlative gap fill.

"Are you free on Saturday?" - Hobbies

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When we meet someone for the first time we often ask them, "What do you do in your free time?" or, "What do you do in your spare time?" Both of these questions are asking, "What is your hobby?"

How many of these hobbies do you know? Match each hobby to its definition.

Are any of these your hobby? Have you tried them? What do you think about them? What do you do in your spare time?

In the news: Europe's Cold, Cold Winter!

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Some of the coldest weather for years has been sweeping across Europe recenty. It has been causing problems for millions all over the continent. Have you been following the reports on English media? Let's see how well you know the language that's being used in the news to cover this story.

Here in Malta we're grateful that we've had none of the snow or cold. In fact, we're having a mild winter!

Wherever you are at the moment, be careful and take care.

Has the cold weather been affecting you? Let us know how the weather is in your part of the world.