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Review Past Simple Tense

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Today we review the past simple tense. Change these ten verbs into the past simple tense and add them to the correct sentences.

catch cost hide sleep grow smell teach blow draw forgive

Think carefully about the tense and spelling!

Link: Verb Tense Review

Word of the Day - Rash

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This cartoon looks at the double meaning of the word rash.

rash: (noun) a skin problem that results in a lot of small red spots on the skin. Rashes are often caused by allergies.
"She got a rash on her arms after touching the cat. She must be allergic to them."

Danny's Advanced Level Reading Practice - Life

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They say that life is too short, and d’you know what?

They’re right.

Education Idioms

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Here are five idioms and phrases that are useful when talking about education.

learn something by heart

To memorise something in such a way that you can say it from memory.

"I learnt the poem by heart."

with flying colours

To succeed easily, with a very high mark or grade.

"I'm confident that Jenny will pass her English exam with flying colours."

Your Questions of the Month

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These are the top questions we received from readers of our free newsletter, English in your Inbox , last month.

All questions are answered by Tim, a teacher at  EC Brighton English school.

Verbal Expressions - There is/are - It is

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Complete the following sentences using the correct phrases from this list. Do not type in the phrase; type in the number next to each phrase.

1 - It was
2 - It will
3 - There were
4 - It is
5 - There are
6 - It has been
7 - There is
8 - There has been
9 - It will be
10 - There will be

Link: Verb Practice

'Half an hour of exercise a day not enough' Upper Intermediate Reading

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Choose the correct word for the six missing words below.

The recommended half an hour of exercise a day may not be enough to stop _1_ gain.

Accidents and Injuries vocabulary

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Ouch, having an accident sucks. Complete these sentences by choosing the right answer.

Good luck and be careful out there!

Thanks to Sebastian in EC Cape Town for this lesson

Link: Health Words

Phrasal verbs for transport

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Today we have part-three in our look at transport. Here we focus on phrasal verbs. Thanks to Sebastian at EC Cape Town another great exercise.

Many phrasal verbs use prepositions like into, out of and onto. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct option. Good luck, hope you find this useful!

Transport Verbs

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Yesterday had a lesson on adjectives for transport from Sebastian (teacher at EC Cape Town English school). Today we continue the topic, with another lesson from Sebastian, by looking at travel verbs.

We all use transportation in our daily lives, so I hope this English vocabulary is useful to you!

Choose the correct option to complete these sentences.