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Present Continuous or Present Simple? Pre-Intermediate

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Today's lesson is by Caroline

What is the difference between these two tenses and when do we use each one? Here's a brief explanation of present simple and present continuous as well as a quick test to see how much you remember!


hi everbody, pls can anybody explain guide-steer,stage-host,rich-affluent how they have same meanings and give some examples for that words...and also send me the meanings and examples for juvenile,glum,tranquil,turbulent,despise,prominent,inconspicuous,sane.....
thank u

Extreme Adjectives for Intermediate Students

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Today's lesson will help you build your vocabulary. Take a look at these extreme adjectives and their definitions and match them to the correct sentence. Type the extreme adjective in right space. Really pay attention to the context of the sentence!

Introducing EC San Francisco

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Opened this month, EC San Francisico is our new 'hot' destination for English learning! Read why you should learn English in San Francisco.

EC San Francisco is coming very, very soon! San Francisco is a popular international tourist destination and there is no better city in the US for students to have a spectacular English learning and living experience.

Please edit my letter

Could someone correct my letter..please!
Thank you.

Dear Dr S.....

Firstly I want to introduce myself. My name is Mica and I am from Slowakia-small european country. I got your email address from Dr. Gavin Sandercoe, plastic surgeon.
I am writing to enquire if there is possibility to spend two months in Sydney Melanoma unit to acquire some skills in diagonosis and treatment of melanoma.

Phrasal Verb - Get Over

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Animal Idioms - Intermediate Level

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There are loads of idioms in the English language that include animals. Many of you will have heard of the famous 'it's raining cats and dogs', especially if you are studying in England! Of course it's not really raining cats and dogs, it's just raining a lot.

All you need to do is decide which animal from the list goes with which idiom.

Why don't you also post what the literal meaning of these idioms are! Enjoy!

Today's lesson is by Caroline

Past simple irregular verbs

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Most verbs follow the rule of adding 'ed' when we want to say them in past simple, but some verbs sadly don't. These are the ones we just have to learn.

Can you remember what the following verbs are in past simple. Careful, some of them might be regular and some might not!

Today's lesson is by Caroline

Link: Irregular past participle verbs quiz

In the news: Slight rise in UK adult learners, survey suggests

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Level: Pre-Intermediate +

Here's some interesting news about adult learners in the UK. Read the article then copy and paste the key words into the correct gap.

There has been a slight rise in the number of adults in the UK taking part in learning, a survey suggests.

A _A_ of 5,000 adults by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education found 21% were involved in learning, up from a low in 2009 of 18%.

Family phrasal verbs

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Today's lesson comes from Danica at EC Cape Town English Language School

A lesson on phrasal verbs for pre-intermediate students

Read the following text about Danica and her family and answer the following questions about phrasal verbs.