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Do you have ANY idea when to use SOME and ANY?

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Today's lesson comes from Danica at EC Cape Town English Language School

Some basic guidelines:

7 Personality Adjectives

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Have you ever described yourself in one word? What word would you use to describe yourself? Personality adjectives are useful for talking about our characters or the characters of people we know.

Here are seven personality adjectives for you to learn. Do any of these describe you?


A person who has a strong wish to be successful, powerful or rich is ambitious.

Noun form of the verb

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"We need to decide where to go. This is an important decision."

In this sentence the highlighted verb is decide and the noun form of the verb is decision.

Today, I'd like you to take a look at the sentences below. Complete each sentence with a noun. Always use the noun form of the verb given in brackets. Don't use any -ing words.

Idioms of the day: "Bear with us!" & "Flat out"

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Today's vocabulary comes from BBC News "Hung parliament: Bear with us, urges Nick Clegg"

"Nick Clegg has asked people to "bear with us" as the Lib Dems and the Tories enter a third day of negotiations.

Antonyms exercise - build your vocabulary

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Antonym is a word we use to mean opposite. So if I said, "what's an antonym of old?" you could answer with "new", for example.

Here's a mixed level exercise. I'm interested to know how many you can get right. Can anyone get 10/10?

Good luck!

Link: Antonyms: choose the opposite word

Conversational English

Please reply for those who have a skype account and want to just talk and read through articles. I can help out those people struggling with pronunciation. You can be on your way to a more neutral or american accent. More power to you guys.

P.S. I dont charge any fee. I just want to help out.

Add me on Skype: kaleb626
YM: klad_626

See you there!

How and when to use 'Nerve' idioms

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nerves (noun) are a group of long thin fibres that carry information or instructions between the brain and other parts of the body. A nerve is like an electric cable that passes electric current. When your hand touches a something hot, the hand sends the feeling to the brain through nerves.

You don't have to be a doctor to use the word nerve because it is used in a few natural English expressions you should know.

In the News: 2010 UK Election

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Millions of people across the UK begin casting their _A_ in the general election that will decide the next government.

But with the election too close to call many _B_ have suggested that there could be a hung parliament - in which no party wins an outright majority.

Like and As

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When we want to talk about two things that are similar or the same we can use like and as.

To stop you getting confused when you use them remember these rules:


Like is used as a preposition and should be followed by a noun:

Word Forms Quiz

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I'm sure that you have a pretty good vocabulary, but do you sometimes use the wrong form of a word when speaking and writing? It's a common problem that can be fixed with careful consideration and practice. Let's get the ball rolling (start) with this exercise.

Task 1: Choose the correct missing form in each sentence
Task 2: Now the hardest part...write your own example sentences with the correct answers.