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Improve your vocabulary!

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Let's try a synonym quiz. Take a look at the following sentences. Choose the words which has the closest meaning to the keywords. This is a great way to review and improve your English language skills.

Antonyms - what's the opposite?

Culture Lesson: 'White Day' in Japan

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Cultural Lesson: Friday 13!

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Superstition tells us that Friday 13 is an unlucky day.

There are many different theories why people think this is a bad day.

One common belief is talked about in the Dan Brown's bestselling book 'The Da Vinci Code'.

The book states that there once existed a rich and powerful group called the Templar Knights, who protected pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.

Appropriate word

What is the word for the person who sells bakery items?.

vocabs on government

hi there . .

would u please tell me the sites where i can increase my vocabulary bout the terms used in governance . . need it . . or suggest me with ones please . .

In the news: Germans prefer internet to love!

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How do you mean

what's the maning of "How do you mean that"?


How to use During, For and While

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The prepositions during, for, and while are often used with time time expressions. Let's take a look at the difference in usage between during, for, and while.

Learn word forms!

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Hello everyone! Here we're going to show you a good way to learn new words. Let's start with  the word energy as an example. As you probably know energy is a noun and that is means 'the source of power or strength'. A quick way to build up word bank of English words is to identify the other forms of this word:

what is...

a dispatch delay of an aircraft operator?

thank you