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How to give your opinion

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How do you give your opinion on something? Is by starting a sentnce with "I think..."? This expression is fine but let's build your vocabulary by looking at other expressions we also use when we want to share our views.

Then or Than?

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It might be because the words are pronounced similarly that then and than are often confused by English learners. Let's take a look at the difference.


Then is used either as a time expression, as a consequence or with a sequence of events.

Then Examples:

As a time expression - Sorry I missed your call last night, I was already sleeping then.


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"My father taught me how to sail a boat."

"There's a great sale on in the department store."

Sail and sale have the same pronunciation although they are spelled in different ways – and have different meanings.

In the News: Lance Armstrong

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The world's media has been captivated by Oprah Winfrey's recent interview with _1_ cyclist Lance Armstrong. Watched by tens of millions, In his first interview since he was stripped of his Tour de France titles, Armstrong admitted using _2_ drugs or blood transfusions during all seven of his victories.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

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Aesop's fables are a collection of fables believed to have been written by the Greek storyteller Aesop. Aesop lived over 2000 and his many fables are known throughout the world.

The main characters in these stories, and in all fables, are animals they teach us a moral lesson.

Vocabulary Lesson: Using your Local Library

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Read the following article about libraries and fill the gaps with the missing words. I hope you take the advice offered!

Do you know these 8 abbreviations?

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How would you read LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and how would you read NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)?

LCD is an abbreviation. When we say the word we say it as three separate letters L-C-D.

NATO is an acronym. When we say an acronym we say it like a usual word, nato.

Happy New Year - Have a Great 2013!

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Wow, where did 2012 go? It seems like it was only a short time we were _1_ the start of 2012.

Last night from the _2_ New Year's ball dropping in Times Square to fireworks in London, the world was already welcoming 2013!

Did you celebrate the new year, if you did, how did you? Did you _3_ a party or stay at home with friends?

Facts about the English Language

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How much do you know about the language that you're learning? Here are some fascinating facts about English! Read through them and complete the gaps with the words below.

Do you have any more interesting insights into English? Let us know!

Lesson by Caroline

Restaurant Vocabulary

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How well do you remember all the vocabulary related to restaurants? I have written a description of one of my favourite restaurants below but I've mixed up the letters of the orange words, can you work out what they should be?

Bonus question: What do Americans call the 'bill'?

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline