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Scanning Practice: Cape Town Safari

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Our Cape Town English school is very popular with students who love nature. When they come to study, many of them decide to experience a safari adventure! One of the closest safaris to our school is called "Aquila". For today's lesson you need to visit aquilasafari.com and find the correct answers to these six questions. You will have to look at more than one page on the site.

Tools and DIY

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Do it yourself (DIY) is building or repairing something without the help of an expert or professional. For example, if you need to paint your bedroom wall, you do it yourself instead of paying a painter to do it. The same is applies to other tasks that you need to do at home like fixing your roof, hanging a picture on the wall or putting up a shelf.

Ancient Structures: Pre-intermediate Comprehension

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Read through these two paragraphs about two very famous structures in China and Egypt. When you have finished reading, answer the comprehension questions. You can write your answers in the comments area. There is also a vocabulary exercise for you to try.

Idiom of the Month: Spread it

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This month we take a look at two meanings of the verb spread.

Spread: to move a soft substance across a surface so that it covers it:

"Spread butter on the bread"

"He spread a thin layer of glue on the paper."

Phrasal Verbs about Relationships

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Here are some phrasal verbs that we can use when talking about relationships we have with other people. Some of them are positive, some are negative.

Adverb Time Clauses

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Today's lesson looks at as soon as, while and as. There are three activities for you to try.

As soon as

We use as soon as when the second action happens immediately after the first action.  As soon as is an example of an adverb clause, which is often called a time clause. 

Cooking Verbs

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In the following lesson we are exploring some of the words you use while cooking. Try to fill the gaps with the correct words. All today's words are verbs and some have a similar meaning so carefully read through definitions.

Remember that cooking will help you to eat healthier and you will also enter a fascinating world of flavours and aromas. Good luck!

What's the national dish in your country, do you know how to cook it? Tell us how it's made in the comments area.


I have come across the following words.
I could not understand their meanings.

Vocabulary Lesson: The Greatest!

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The following article talks about some of the most unforgettable moments in the life of a sporting icon, I'm sure you have heard of him, Cassius Clay, "The Greatest Muhammad Ali". Read the text and try to put the correct verbs in each gap. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

How to Save Money

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And you, how much are you saving? The following document will provide you with interesting tips to get you started. Apart from practising your vocabulary, I hope you find it very useful for your everyday life! Enjoy.

Read the following text and try to fill the gaps with the missing words:

Lesson by Caroline