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Quantity nouns: a pair of, a tube of, a slice of

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Quantity nouns are the particular sets of words, such as phrases or terms, that you use to tell the quantities of certain things

Example: "Do you want a bottle of water?"

Of course, some quantity nouns have precise definitions and can only be used to tell the quantities of certain countable and uncountable nouns. Some of the special exceptions are:

Asking the right questions in every situation

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In everyday business and social situations, it is necessary to ask and answer questions.  When participating in a conversation we need to know what information is being discussed in order to ask appropriate questions using the correct 'question words' and to provide correctly structured responses.

Conditionals - Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

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Using the prompts to guide you, write a suitable response by using a conditional.
Start your sentences with if.

1. "I'm looking for a new red dress."
"If I / see one, I / let / you know."

2. "I left my wallet at home.
"If I / have / some money, I / buy something to eat."

Vocabulary: In the Garden

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I want to spend a lot of my summer in the garden. Here's a description of my grandparents garden. Can you complete the gaps with the missing garden related vocabulary? Good luck!

Bonus question: What do people in America call a garden?

Lesson by Caroline

Learn new nouns: A to H

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We're nearing the end of our A-Z series. We've looked at some new verbs and some new adjectives, now it's time to look at nouns! Look at the sentences and decide which noun fits in each gap. Then make your own sentences, or see if you can list some more nouns that begin with the same letter. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

Idiom of the Day: What's the catch?

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What's the catch?

Let's look at two uses of catch:

As a verb catch can mean to capture; not allow a person, animal or thing to escape:

"The fisherman caught a fish in his net."
"The police are still trying to catch the man who escaped from jail last night."

What are Compound Nouns?

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A compound noun is two words put together to make one word. For example, toothpaste, a paste which you use to clean your teeth (tooth+paste=toothpaste)!

Match one word from 1-10 with a word from a-j to create a compound noun to answer the ten questions.

Can you think of anymore? Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Invaders – Pre-intermediate (Comprehension)

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England has been a united country since the eleventh century. Before that, several groups of people had invaded the British Isles. Between 700 and 400 BC, the Celts came to Britain from modern Belgium. There had been people in the British Isles before the Celts, but we don't know much about them. The Celts were farmers and traders and they had settled all over Europe from the Black Sea to Spain.

Phrasal Verbs about Telephoning

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A) Decide (using the words in brackets as clues) which phrasal verbs should be used with the 5 sentences:

Put on - Call back - Dial out - Get through - Get back to

Music Video: Gavin Degraw

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Gavin Degraw became famous when his song 'I don't wanna be' was featured as the theme tune for successful TV show, One Tree Hill. I really like his country voice and find his music very calming and relaxing. Here is one of my favourite songs of his, to help you practice your listening and learn some new vocabulary. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline