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Phrasal Verbs about Money

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Money. We never seem to have enough of it. We're broke when we don't have any and loaded when we have a lot. We can earn it, spend it, save it, lose it, borrow it, win it and more. With so many uses, it's no surprise that he have so many phrasal verbs about it.

English Phrasal Verbs Connected With Money

Beat somebody / something down (to something)

Business English: Presentations Vocabulary

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Speaking to a group of people with confidence, clarity and conviction can be difficult especially if you are not using your native language. Although these days presentations can be pretty informal, it can still make you feel nervous.

Health Vocabulary

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Here are ten useful words for talking about health. Read through the list of words below and see if you can fit them into the correct sentence.

Business English: Looking for a job

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Megan has been looking for a new job. She is trying to pursue a different career in the financial industry and has been to several interviews with some of the biggest financial firms in Cape Town. However, she is still having a difficult time landing her dream job. Remember if you are really interested in this subject, we have very good Business English courses available at our English schools.

Restaurants: Learn 8 New Words

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Last week I visited a restaurant with three friends. I asked two of them to write down their opinions on it. Read through the interviews and see if you can answer the true or false questions below. Have you been to any interesting restaurants lately?

Lesson by Caroline

Marine's Interview

1. What restaurant did you go to? 
I had dinner at Meatliquor.

In the news - Student Visas

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Read the article below and try to complete the gaps with the missing words. I'd love to hear your opinion on this issue. Have you been affected by recent visa changes in the UK? Let us know.

Lesson by Caroline

Please help me to edit this Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Elementary: Around the House

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Do you know the names of the objects you find in the house? What do we sit on? What do we cook our food in? Here are ten household objects, but they are spelt with one letter missing.

e.g. "We don't find hair in the house, but we could find a chair."

affect and effect as a verb?!


I found here a lessons:

Using effect and affect as a noun, effect and affect as a verb!
I understand the diference between affect and effect es a noun.

But using this words as a verb make me some problems.
Where is exactly the meaning diference?

Can anybody help? Maybe with some sampel?


Relationship and Dating Expressions

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Last month we had an English lesson on dating phrasal verbs. Today we continue the theme by looking at more English expressions used to talk about relationships.

Look at the context of each sentence and choose the correct definition. Good luck!