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Collocations: Go, Save and Come

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In English we do homework not make homework and we make breakfast not do breakfast. These examples are collocations, groups of words that go together. Other examples of collocations are:

Save time

Go shopping

Come to a decision

how to learn more vocabulary?

because English is not my native language, it hard for me to remember many vocabulary. difficult in using key word, my writing and spoking had been limit.i wonder if there are some good advice which can help me learn and remember more vocabulary in a easy way, such as watch movie or listen westen music or something. please tell me what kind of method you used in learning English vocabulary, thanks!

Healthy Eating

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Did you know that having the right kind of diet can help us to avoid getting sick? Read the article below and then answer the true or false questions. Do you have any other tips to help us keep healthy during the cold weather? Good luck!

When to use -able and -ible?

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This lesson tests both your vocabulary and your spelling. All the stems (the starts of words) below can have '-able' or '-ible' added to them. Can you decide whether they need able or ible? Once you have decided, try to match the word to the correct sentence. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Talking about Weather - part 3

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Here's the third instalment of our weather words trilogy! Part two was earlier this month if you need to catch up.

Snowed in -  there is so much snow that it's impossible to leave or travel anywhere.

Flood out -  overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry.

Culture Lesson: Thanksgiving in USA

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Today, 22nd Novemer 2012, is Thanksgiving in America. What do you know about this special holiday? Read through this article on why Thanksgiving is celebrated paying attention to the missing words.

Thanksgiving in USA

Thanksgiving is observed on the every fourth Thursday of November. It is _1_ big family celebration with people travelling from all over the country to be with their family and friends.

Facts about South Africa

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It is becoming more and more popular to learn English in Cape Town. I was lucky enough to live and teach in South Africa for nearly two years and fell in love with its people and its beauty.

Stages of Life Phrasal Verbs

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Internet Vocabulary

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Ninety percent of today’s web users live in non-English speaking countries, yet 56% of online content is in English. Like English is considered the language of international business, English is also the unofficial language of the internet.

The internet is changing the English language, for example 'to Google' is a transitive verb meaning to use a search engine to find information. Seeing as you are using our website to learn English, you probably know quite a lot of internet related vocabulary!

Call my Bluff

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Today we're going to play a little game called Call my Bluff.

In this activity we have chosen ten unusual words. Each word has two descriptions of the word; only one of which is true. You must then guess the true definition.