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Learn Personal Pronouns

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How much can you remember about personal pronouns?

Which ones do we use for the object in the sentence, and which do we use for the subject? When do we use them and why?

In the following sentences, can you replace the words in quotation marks ("") with the correct personal pronoun?

I've given you the list of personal pronouns to help you remember.

When you're finished, see if you can post the answers to the questions above.
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Word of the day: Smell

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rub it in

This joke is based on two uses of the word smell.

Smell can be used to describe something that has a bad or unpleasant odour:

The Royal Wedding

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There is much anticipation for William and Kate's Royal Wedding, which is taking place tomorrow.

It is the wedding of our future king, as well as the first royal wedding for eleven years. Read this article, which tells us the facts we need to know about the day and see if you can fit the vocabulary into the correct gaps.

Study Tip: Do you ever try and guess how the vocabulary relates to the story. How do you think the royal wedding could be related to a turkey?!

Relationship Verbs

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A few weeks ago I wrote a lesson about relationship idioms.
This lesson is a bit simpler and focuses on some of the verbs we often use when talking about relationships.

Try and put the correct verb in each sentence.

Be careful though, make sure you put the verb in the correct tense!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

What is Slam Poetry?

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Read this article about the history of slam poetry and see if you can answer the true or false questions after. Then, why don’t you try and write some of your own slam poetry? There are slam events happening in most major cities in the world. Whilst your studying it would be a great idea to attend one, and maybe even perform!
Lesson by Caroline

Pronunciation - Silent Sounds

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Pronunciation is very important when we are trying to communicate with other people.

Incorrect pronunciation can make a simple word difficult to understand!

There are many silent letters in English words. For example when we say walk we don't pronounce the "L".

Can you find the silent letters in the words below?

Quick Preposition Quiz

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In English we use prepositions with certain verbs and nouns.


"I love swimming in summer."

"I am writing my final exam on Thursday."

Complete the sentences and insert prepositions if and where they are needed.

Two sentences are perfect just as they are so be careful! Use "-" when no preposition is needed.

The Oscars 2011

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The Oscar Nominations are in and Hollywood has nothing else to talk about! The only film I've seen that has been nominated is 'Black Swan', so I think I need to get myself to the cinema. Read through this article and then see if you can fit the vocabulary into the correct gaps.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Homophones for Low-Intermediate Level

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Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings.

For example:

pear and pair

Pear - a sweet and juicy type of fruit.

Pair - a couple: two items of the same kind. A set of two similar things considered as a unit

What does vert mean?

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Convert, divert, invert and revert. All these words end with (the suffix) vert.

What does vert mean?

Vert is a latin word we use in English meaning 'to turn'.

So when you see a word ending with -vert, you know it's related to turn.

Let's take a closer look at these 4 example words.