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The Beauty in Ugly - Pre Intermediate Level Listening.

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Wicked! Upper-Intermediate Listening

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Wicked has a few different meanings in English. It can mean 'evil'.
E.g. "That woman is so wicked, she made me clean the bathrooms again today."
Confusingly, it can also mean the opposite, especially in England where it is slang for 'really great'.
E.g. "That roller-coaster was wicked ! Let's go on it again."

Alice in Wonderland - Upper Intermediate Listening

Average: 3.5 (12 votes)

Here is a slightly different listening exercise for you, which tests your general understanding rather than your ability to pick up specific words. This clip is an interview with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton about the movie 'Alice in Wonderland'. Below is a list of topics that are discussed during the interview. What order do they happen in? Make sure you read through the topics carefully before you start listening to the interview. All the topics happen within the first three minutes, good luck!

Music Lesson: Fred Jones Part Two

Average: 3.3 (16 votes)

Listening Lesson - Lady Gaga 'Paparazzi'

Average: 3.4 (29 votes)


EC Malta - Student Talk

Average: 3.3 (41 votes)

Leaving on a Jet Plane - Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

Average: 3.8 (49 votes)

Leaving on a Jet Plane is one of the English language's great emotional love songs, originally sung by the late John Denver. Practice your listening and phrasal verb skills by completing this gap-fill! I suggest listening once first, then begin completing the gap-fill while listening another two times. You do not need to listen to the whole song, just the first couple of verses.

When you have finished click on Show Full Lyrics (below) and sing along!

Listening: Santa Claus is coming to town - Elementary / Pre-int

Average: 3 (18 votes)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town is a classic Christmas song and to get you into the Christmas spirit why not practice your listening skills by filling in this gap-fill! I suggest listening once first, then begin completing the gap-fill while listening another two times. Merry Christmas everyone!

Music Lesson: 'Perfect Day'

Average: 2.7 (30 votes)

Here's a great chance to practise listening to a variety of authentic English accents. 

Listen to this classic Lou Reed song and complete the lyrics. I recommend that you listen to it once to get a feel for it and then listen to it again and type in the missing words.

You don't need to listen to the whole song. I have only included the lyrics for the first two minutes.

Do you recognise any of the famous musicians in the clip?

Listening practice: What's happening?

Average: 3.6 (74 votes)
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