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P.1 - Adult

Your English Questions

Average: 2.5 (4 votes)

Every month we ask our newsletter readers to send their English language questions to EC Brighton's teacher, Tim. Here are the best questions of the month.

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ABBA - Money Money Money

Average: 3.9 (14 votes)

London Life!

Average: 2.8 (12 votes)

Web Quotes Research

Average: 2.6 (19 votes)

One of my favourite things to do is read quotes. I like to learn more about the world by thinking about other people’s ideas. So, here’s a slightly different lesson for you! Below, I have written some quotes by famous authors, but a word is missing from each quote. Your job is to use the web to find the missing words.

Listening Lesson: Lion King's "The Morning Report"

Average: 3.3 (16 votes)

Fire Idioms

Average: 3.8 (41 votes)

Upper Intermediate Level

Match the idioms below with their meanings – write the corresponding number in the gap provided. And then try make your own sentences using the idioms.

When do I use The?

Average: 1.9 (131 votes)

Definite article v. Zero article.

This is one of the most common questions students ask me and also one of the questions I find most difficult to answer. Native speakers of any language find there are some rules that they just know, without knowing why. However, to help you guys out, here are some rules for when we do use it and when we don’t. After the explanation there is a mini test to check your understanding. Good luck!

We use the when:

Regular Verbs - Elementary Level

Average: 2.9 (14 votes)

Look at the paragraph below and change the verbs in brackets into past tense.

Which sounds right?

Average: 1.5 (230 votes)

When I lived in South Africa, I was fascinated to discover that when they hurt themselves they don’t say 'ouch', they say 'eina'! It got me thinking about other 'sounds' we make in English and their meanings. So here's a quick fun lesson on some English sounds. Can you decide what the literal meaning of each sound is? I hope you enjoy it!

Lesson by Caroline

Link: What's happening?

Prepositions - Soccer Madness

Average: 3.2 (9 votes)

Use these prepositions to complete the 10 World Cup sentences. Some words can be used more than once.

in front of

Lesson by Amy at EC Cape Town English school.