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P.1 - Adult

Present Perfect Simple

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Look at these two present perfect simple example sentences:

"The government has said they are going to introduce legislation."

"This is the first part of the report that we’ve agreed with."


The present perfect simple is have/ has + past participle.

Advanced Level Reading: Royal Mail to be privatised

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Good lesson for Advanced level students today. This report is taken from a BBC news story concerning a hot topic in the UK:

Jack the Ripper Reading

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Jack the Ripper is one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers. He killed more than five women and has remained in the history books due to the fact that he was never caught and so his identity is a mystery! I found this article online which appeared in The London Times on the 10th of August, 1888. I have removed some of the key vocabulary and am challenging you to fit the correct words in the correct gaps.

Furniture and Prepositions

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It is all very well knowing the vocabulary for furniture around the house, but do you know the prepositions that go with them?

In each of the sentences below, I have removed the preposition. Can you remember which one you need to complete the sentence?

Lesson by Caroline

British Weather Vocabulary – Upper-Intermediate/Advanced

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Read this short story about the British weather.

Animal Similes – Intermediate Level

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How hungry are you? As hungry as an elephant? A wolf? A bear? In this exercise I’m going to introduce you to some expressions using animal similes.

Firstly, match the animals with their definitions.

The core four - elementary plus

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Past Simple or Past Participle?

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It is really important when learning the past tenses, that you learn both the past simple form of the verb and the past participle. You also need to learn when you use them.

We use the past participle:

1 - When using the perfect tenses

Present Perfect:
Have + past participle
E.g. I have studied dance for five years.

Abstract Nouns

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Can you touch it?

Can you see it?

Can you hear it?

Can you taste it?

Well then maybe it’s an abstract noun! These are nouns that we use to talk about feelings or ideas.

Helpful Hint: Abstract nouns often end in the following suffixes:

Friendly Idioms

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I have recently moved in with my best friend. As with many close relationships, we speak in a type of code and part of that code is idioms! I’ve made a list of idioms that are used when we are talking about relationships. Can you fit the correct idiom into each sentence? Good luck!
PS: I’d like to point out that sentence 1 is completely fictitious...obviously!

Lesson by Caroline