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P.1 - Adult

Electricity - Billy Elliot

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Verb Patterns for Upper-Intermediate Students

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When we use more than one verb in a sentence there are specific patterns, e.g. the infinitive to or –ing, that follow the first verb.

Look at this example: "My friend suggested watching a dvd at home, but I want to go out.

The verb ‘suggested’ is followed by an –ing form of the next verb (gerund) and the verb ‘want’ is followed by the infinitive to.

Music Vocabulary - Intermediate Level

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Do you know the following words related to music?

High Intermediate: Comedy Listening and Vocab Lesson

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Check the meaning of the following words:

Long Live The King!

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Parts of Speech

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This lesson is designed to test how well you know the different parts of speech. E.g. verb, noun, adjective, adverb etc. In each of the following sentences, one word has been capitalised. Your job is to decide which part of speech this word is.

When you have finished, I strongly recommend that for further practise you have a go at a game called ‘Mad-libs’, where you complete a story by adding in your own words! Try this website

Lesson by Caroline

Advanced Vocabulary Game

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In this exercise I’m going to give you a word and two definitions. Your job is to decide which the correct definition is. Good luck!

Link: Which is the correct definition?

Lesson by Caroline


Things To Do Before You Die - Upper Int Reading

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The internet is full of lists of things to do before you die, but this is one of the most original I have found. Read through the article and then try and answer the true or false questions at the end.

To read the full article go to, http://www.forbes.com/forbes-life-magazine/2000/0918/082.html


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This is a little treat for regular users of the website. I have written a few questions that contain vocabulary or grammar from the past few weeks. This test reviews how well you have remembered the subjects that you have been studying. Congratulations in advance, I’m sure you’ll all do very well!

Lesson by Caroline

Money Phrasal Verbs!

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Following my listening lesson on money, I thought I’d give you some extra, more advanced vocabulary, on the topic of money. I have written the meanings of some common phrasal verbs used when we talk about money. Can you decide which phrasal verb belongs in each sentence?