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T.1 - Family life

Find the mistakes

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The following questions about marriage each contain one or two mistakes. Do you know what they are? Rewrite the correct sentences in the comments area. You can also read the correct sentences by clicking below the 15 sentences.

e.g. Does you believe on love at first sight?

Do you believe in live at first sight?

Families and Time

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It seems that everywhere around the world, people are spending more time at work and less time with their families. People are busier than ever before! In the past in many countries, the father worked and the mother stayed home, took care of the children, and did the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Nowadays, both parents work, so they don’t have as much time with their children as they used to have in the past.

Letter from Caroline - Getting Older

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Here's a letter from me about the positives and negatives of getting older! Read through it and then complete the gaps with the correct missing word:

Vocabulary - Life Stages

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In English, we divide our lives into stages which relate to our age. For example, my cousin Jake is three years old, so he is a toddler. Below are the stages listed in order, then some sentences in which you need to choose which 'stage' word fits.

What stage of your life are you in? Are you an adult who feels like a teenager?!

Verbs we use in the morning

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What's your morning routine? If you are not a 'morning person', waking up and getting ready for work/school can be a real challenge. Perhaps you are an 'early bird', a person who feels better and has more energy in the morning. If so, getting ready to face the day is no problem!

Read through the text and choose the correct missing verbs.

A letter from Caroline - My best friend

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Read the letter below about Caroline's best friend and then answer the true or false questions. Why don't you write to us about your best friend? How did you meet? Why are they your best friend?

Key Vocab:

GCSE's: Exams students in England take when they are sixteen.
Sixth form: Similar to college, students in England attend from the age of sixteen to eighteen.
Master's: Post graduate study.

Relationship Verbs

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A few weeks ago I wrote a lesson about relationship idioms.
This lesson is a bit simpler and focuses on some of the verbs we often use when talking about relationships.

Try and put the correct verb in each sentence.

Be careful though, make sure you put the verb in the correct tense!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Relationship Idioms

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These idioms could relate to relationships between friends, family members or partners. Can you work out which idiom completes each sentence? When you're finished, why not try and write some of your own sentences using these idioms?
Lesson by Caroline

Family Word Scramble- Elementary Level

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How well do you remember all the vocabulary related to family? I have written a description of my family below but some of the words are all mixed up, can you work out what they should be?

My thomre is called Kate and my thfare is called Kevin.

My umm is a chiropodist and my add is a comedian. He travels a lot for work and at the moment he is in Brazil!

My Family

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In this ‘Note from Caroline’, I want to focus on my family, who have been instrumental in shaping the person I’ve become today. When you’ve finished reading, see if you can answer the true or false questions at the end. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline

Note from Caroline

My brother Terence and I were oddly close as children, in fact, my first word was ‘brother’.

He was also the first person to make me laugh.

Our four year age gap meant that he could look after me without me feeling irritated by him doing so.