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V.2.3 - Food and drink

Food Idioms

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Here are some idioms to revise, all of which are related to food and eating. First look at the literal meanings of the idioms below and then see if you can decide which idiom correctly completes the sentence. Who is the apple of your eye? Is there something that just isn't your cup of tea?

Good luck!

How does it taste? Food Adjectives

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Food - One of my favourite things in the world. With most of us able to taste food from all corners of the globe, there needs to be a lot of adjectives to describe what we are tasting. In the following sentences, can you guess which adjective should be used?
Lesson by Caroline

Let us know what your favourite food is by posting your comments below...

Listening: Oliver 'Food, Glorious Food'

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I am absolutely famished, so hungry, totally starving! So what else could I do, but choose a song for this musical lesson that is all about food.

I have removed some types of food or food related vocabulary from this famous song from Oliver. See if you can complete the gaps with the correct words.

Right, I’m off to make a sandwich!

There are loads of other words in this song related to food and eating. Can you find them?
Lesson by Caroline

Food Idioms

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Here’s a list of idioms that all include a type of food, but can you remember which food completes which idiom? When you’ve finished filling them in, see if you can explain what each idiom means. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline

How to order a coffee in the UK

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All across the UK people are wondering what type of coffee to order today. Some years ago we had lots of cafes serving a nice cup of tea and pretty lousy coffee. Now the UK is overrun with coffee houses serving a bewildering range of refreshing coffees and pretty awful tea.

Cooking Verbs

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I have recently been trying recipes from all over the world and this has inspired me to do a lesson on 'cooking verbs'. So thank you very much Brazil for delicious Brigadeiro! I have written some cooking verbs and their definitions below. Read through the sentences and choose the correct verb in each sentence. After you have completed the exercise, tell me what recipe I should try from your country!

Word Scramble - food!

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This text is all about my favourite types of food, but I have scrambled up some of the words. All the scrambled words are related to food and cooking. Unscramble them then write them correctly in the box. What’s your favourite food? Can you recommend any recipes to me? Enjoy!

By Caroline


English in the Kitchen

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Hey, guys.  What's cooking?

How good are you in the kitchen? Are you the kind of person who burns salad?!

Let's put your knowledge of kitchen vocabulary to the test.

Link: Vocabulary Lesson - Things you find in an office

Link: English in the station

10 Food idioms

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'The test was a piece of cake.'

A lemon

A lemon is something that you buy which turns out to have problems - it is defective / it doesn't work well.

'That second-hand car I bought was a real lemon. It broke down a week after I bought it.'

Adjectives to describe the tastes of foods

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'How does it taste?'

How well do you know food adjectives? Take a look at the following list of adjectives which we use to describe food. Try and match the correct adjectives to the correct sentences. As this is a quiz, there is no explanation of the adjectives' meanings.