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English Vocab Challenge! Can you get 10/10?

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It seems that you users of our site like taking vocabulary exercises that test your general knowledge. Here's another quiz that looks at common words and expressions that you'll find English speakers frequently using. You might not see all these words in traditional English textbooks, but I promise you they are useful.

There are 10 questions all featuring words that are sometimes confused by English learners.

Take the quiz and tell us how many you got correct. Can anyone get 10/10? Be honest - no cheating.

10 Common Phrasal Verbs

Average: 3.4 (31 votes)

As you know there are many, many phrasal verbs. Here are ten basic ones that you should know. Today  there are no explanations; you must decide which one feels right. You have probably heard many of these before, so this will be a good review. Remember, the best way to learn phrasal verbs is through practice. The more of them you see, the easier it becomes to understand the meaning of new ones.

Choose the correct preposition to complete each phrasal verb:

Adjective Word Order

Average: 3.6 (171 votes)

AWL Academic Word List Test

Average: 2.5 (6 votes)

There are 570 headwords on this list (proposed by Averil Coxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), which is said to contain the most frequently occurring vocabulary in academic contexts. Starting with the letter 'A', test your familiarity with ten words on the AWL.

Choose the word or expression that differs in meaning from the given word:

Danny's 'Where are you going now?'

Average: 3.9 (8 votes)

Have you ever looked back at your life and found yourself wondering how you got to where you are today? Ever noticed how every single decision you've ever made has, directly or indirectly, brought you here?

Amazing, isn't it, when you think about it...

Cartoon - Cut it

Average: 3 (11 votes)

Cut It - Learn English Cartoon

We use scissors to cut paper. Cut can be used as a verb. Did you know that cut is used in a common English idiom? Read on...

School Talk - Learn Idioms

Average: 3.5 (8 votes)

What are the similarities and differences between your school system and the American one?  What kind of student are you?  Are you brainy (very smart) or a low achiever (a poor performer)?  Do you sometimes ditch your classes (not attend your classes)?  Or, are you the teacher's pet (the teacher's favorite student)? 

Take this quiz to see how good you are at recognizing some common American expressions for talking about school performance. 

big vs large

hi to everybody!

I have a question about cases when we could use adjectives "large" and "big". Are they interchangeable? What's the difference between them, if it exists?

Thanks in advance

Chat Room and SMS English

Average: 2.9 (78 votes)

The generation gap is a popular term used to describe differences between people of a younger generation and their elders, especially between a child and his or her parent's generation.

Once you have crossed the generation gap, you are old, out of touch and there is no way back!

Here's a good way of finding out if you are now on the other side of the generation gap:

Your Questions: The best of June

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Every month we ask our newsletter readers to send in their questions to Tim, our English teacher at EC Brighton, about the English language. Here are your questions:


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June's Star Question - Thanks to Thao from Vietnam: