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Confusing Words

Make, Take, Do and Have Collocations

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Take this quiz and see how well you do.  It takes practice to recognize which words go together with make, do, take and have.  Do you recognize the following expressions? 

Have fun!

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Link: Environemnt Vocabulary

Using Question Tags

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This is your chance to practice question tags, isn't it?

Questions tags are a common way to make questions, aren't they?

You know how to use them, don't you?

You can't get all 11 correct, can you?

Chris thinks you will make a mistake, doesn't he?

Link: Question Tags

Understanding Comparatives

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Let's see how well you understand comparative sentences. Read through the ten questions and decide what is being said in each.

Link: Comparative Forms

Common Mistakes in Speaking and Writing

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Here are three errors that I regularly encounter inside and outside the classroom. Do you make these mistakes? Listen to yourself, and check your writing. These are some errors that are not deadly or fatal because native speakers usually understand what you mean. Because of that, they will rarely correct you. Nevertheless, these mistakes mark you as not quite as advanced or proficient in English as you may think you are.

Irregular Verbs

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Verbs are a very important part of learning English since every sentence must contain a subject and a verb. In addition to the base form of a verb, each verb has four principal parts which must be learned. The four principal parts are:

Confusing Word Pairs

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Invent, Discover and Establish

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Let's take a look at three verbs which English learners often find confusing. They are useful for talking about people and organisations in history.


(Verb) To design and/or create something which has never been made before.
"Karl Benz invented the car in 1885."
Noun: Invention

English Vocab Challenge! Can you get 10/10?

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It seems that you users of our site like taking vocabulary exercises that test your general knowledge. Here's another quiz that looks at common words and expressions that you'll find English speakers frequently using. You might not see all these words in traditional English textbooks, but I promise you they are useful.

There are 10 questions all featuring words that are sometimes confused by English learners.

Take the quiz and tell us how many you got correct. Can anyone get 10/10? Be honest - no cheating.

10 Common Phrasal Verbs

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As you know there are many, many phrasal verbs. Here are ten basic ones that you should know. Today  there are no explanations; you must decide which one feels right. You have probably heard many of these before, so this will be a good review. Remember, the best way to learn phrasal verbs is through practice. The more of them you see, the easier it becomes to understand the meaning of new ones.

Choose the correct preposition to complete each phrasal verb:

Adjective Word Order

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