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G.1.5 - Time __ tense

Idiom of the day: Keep an eye on

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Today we take a look at the idiom keep an eye on.


  1. To watch closely or carefully.
  2. To watch over attentively; mind.

When we keep an eye on someone or something, we watch it carefully.

Example Sentences:

Phrasal Verb Review

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This lesson is designed to see how well you remember the meaning of some common phrasal verbs.

Match each phrasal verb below to the correct sentence.

Make sure you use the correct tense!

Verb Tense Practice: Throw

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Take a look at the irregular verb throw.

Throw is the present simple tense

Threw is the past simple tense

Thrown is the past participle

Throwing is the progressive form.

Now use the correct form of the verb in the following tenses:

Can, could, be able to

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Here’s a refresher lesson on two modal verbs and ‘be able to’, which functions as one.
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Verb Tense Practice

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Take a look at the irregular verb blow.

Blow is the present simple tense

Blew is the past simple tense

Blown is the past participle

Blowing is the progressive form.

'Take' and 'Have' Collocations

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Here's some collocations with take and have.

The best way to learn collocations is through practice because there are no clear rule. The more you look at them, the more familiar they will become. We recommend writing some example sentences below.

Did anyone get 10/10? Which ones did you get wrong?

Read Caroline's Letter

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I thought I'd write another letter to you guys to get you practising your grammar. This is quite a difficult lesson. There are some verbs missing in the text. Can you put them in the correct tense? I’d love to hear back from you all.

Me and my friend Philippa at Thorpe Park, feeling frightened!

Choose the right verb form

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Today we have a multiple-choice quiz for you to try. Decide which is the correct verb to use in each sentence.

Try this verb tense review if you want for English practice.

How many questions did you get right?


Eat Ate Eaten

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Today we review forms of the irregular verb eat

Eat is the present simple.

Ate is the past simple.

Eaten is the past participle.

Very simple, isn't it? Now then, complete the sentences using the correct verb.

Which questions did you get wrong?

Link: Irregular Verbs

Ten Verb Tense Review Questions

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Get ready for some verb tense review. Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense by thinking about the context of the sentence and, of course, being careful with the spelling. Only use one word per box.

Anyone who get's 10/10 should stand up and shout "I must be a genius!" in a loud voice!

Enjoy the weekend.

Link: More Verb Tense Review