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phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verbs with 'get'

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Phrasal verbs are one of the most difficult things to learn in English, because changing the preposition can completely change the meaning of the verb, for example:

Get over: to recover from something
Get along: to be good friends with somebody.

Here's a little test to see how well you remember the meaning of these phrasal verbs that use ‘get’. Which phrasal verb belongs in each sentence? Good luck!

goof up & flip off

Hi Chris
can u tell me what these phrasal verbs mean?

1. Somebody goofed up the commands and we have to start over again.
2. I cant believe you were stupid enough to flip off the principal.

Family phrasal verbs

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Today's lesson comes from Danica at EC Cape Town English Language School

A lesson on phrasal verbs for pre-intermediate students

Read the following text about Danica and her family and answer the following questions about phrasal verbs.

5 common phrasal verbs you should know

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Phrasal verbs are used a lot when we speak. They are used instead of more formal English words which have the same meaning. It is ok to use them when writing to friends; however, avoid using them in formal speaking or writing situations.

Let's take a look at 5 examples and their meanings.

hey everybody pls help me

hey everybody?
how is it going?

can anybody tell me whats the differences between i didn't and i haven't?
please give me examples demonstrating them in practical life!

thanks alot Smile

Your Questions of the Month

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These are the top questions we received from readers of our free newsletter, English in your Inbox , last month.

All questions are answered by Tim, a teacher at  EC Brighton English school.

Phrasal verb of the day: Strike Out

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This month's cartoon looks at the phrasal verb strike out.

Strike has a few meanings, let's take a look at two.

Strike: To hit or attack someone using force in a violent way.
"Be very careful, some snakes can strike faster than human eyes can follow!"

5 Phrasal verbs for angry people!

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Do you have a short fuse (become angry quickly)? There are times when we all blow our top (get angry). Here are some phrasal verbs that may be useful for the times when we get a little hot under the collar (get angry)!

Learn 7 Phrasal Verbs

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Time for some phrasal verb fun! Here are five for you to learn. Complete the sentence using the correct verb and remember to change the tense when necessary.

slip up - to make a mistake/an error

pick out - to choose

nod off - to fall asleep

close down - to close a place forever/permanently

Phrasal Verb Fun – Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

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Phrasal Verbs have a way of worming their way into our everyday English. Many have more than one meaning so they can be quite confusing.

In this exercise you must read the sentence and the clue in brackets and try to put an appropriate phrasal verb in the correct tense in the gaps. The missing phrasal verbs are popular.