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'Stand' Phrasal VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
'Shut' expressionsMultiple Choice Lesson
'Piece' IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
'Out' Phrasal VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
'Only' and 'Just'Multiple Choice Lesson
'On' Phrasal VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
'make','take' and 'have' quiz.Multiple Choice Lesson
'Make' and 'Do' Collocations - pre-intermediate levelMultiple Choice Lesson
'If' - How to use the First ConditionalMultiple Choice Lesson
'I'm not a ...' 4 useful expressionsPlain Lesson
'Holiday from Hell' - reading and vocab matchFill in the blanks lesson
'Half an hour of exercise a day not enough' Upper Intermediate ReadingMultiple Choice Lesson
'First' IdiomsPlain Lesson
'Break' Phrasal VerbsFill in the blanks lesson
'Alien' April Fools' story angers Jordan mayor Fill in the blanks lesson
'-ed' and '-ing' adjectives: describing feelings and thingsMultiple Choice Lesson
"Long Road to Adulthood" - Upper Intermediate Level ReadingMultiple Choice Lesson
"I live in a..." - Types of dwellingFill in the blanks lesson
"Are you free on Saturday?" - HobbiesFill in the blanks lesson
Three-part phrasal verbsFill in the blanks lesson
Separable Phrasal VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
Relationship and dating expressionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Put the sentences into the correct orderPlain Lesson
Pocahontas - Just Around the River Bend Fill in the blanks lesson
British and American EnglishMultiple Choice Lesson
5 things to do before you're 30!Multiple Choice Lesson