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Quantity nouns: a pair of, a tube of, a slice ofMultiple Choice Lesson
Question and Answer MatchMultiple Choice Lesson
Question and Answer MatchMultiple Choice Lesson
question and answer practiceMultiple Choice Lesson
Question TagsMultiple Choice Lesson
Question TagsFill in the blanks lesson
Question TagsMultiple Choice Lesson
Question Words - Elementary LevelFill in the blanks lesson
Questions and Answers Match Multiple Choice Lesson
Questions and Answers Practice: Interview QuestionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Quick Past Perfect Tense ReviewMultiple Choice Lesson
Quick Preposition QuizMultiple Choice Lesson
Quick Tip - How to use Either and NeitherPlain Lesson
Quick Tip - Keep a JournalPlain Lesson
Quick Tip - Sing English SongsMultiple Choice Lesson
Quick Tip - specially vs especiallyPlain Lesson
Quick Tip - Take a test for motivationPlain Lesson
Quick Tip - The best way to learn English!Plain Lesson
Quick Tip - Thinking in EnglishPlain Lesson
Quick Tip - Use it or lose it!Plain Lesson
Quick Tip - Watching Movies in EnglishPlain Lesson
Quick tip - Well vs GoodPlain Lesson
Quiz on Phrasal VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
Quiz on PrepositionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Read Caroline's LetterMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading - A Tale of Two CitiesMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading - Staying Safe in the SummerMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading - The Lovely Bones Summary for Upper Intermediate LevelMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading an email and questionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and Vocab Lesson: HUGE blue diamond found in South AfricaMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and Vocab: Charles DickensMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and Vocab: DinosaurMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and vocabulary practice of the day!Fill in the blanks lesson
Reading and Vocabulary: Usain BoltMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension - True or False ActivityMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension and Questions Multiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension: Online DatingMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension: True or FalseMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading for information - Superlative chart - Elementary levelFill in the blanks lesson
Reading for information and comparingFill in the blanks lesson
Reading for information practiceMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading for Information PracticeMultiple Choice Lesson
reading information on signsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Practice - Understanding Written TextMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Practice: StarbucksMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading the worldMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading: Beyonce Multiple Choice Lesson
Reading: British love talking about the weather!Fill in the blanks lesson
Reading: Clownfish Comprehension - Pre-intermediateMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading: Cooking for ClooneyMultiple Choice Lesson