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Reported Speech Practice: Pre-Intermediate LevelMultiple Choice Lesson
Reported Speech Part 1Multiple Choice Lesson
Reported Speech for BeginnersPlain Lesson
Reported Speech and Reporting VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reported Speech 3 – Tenses in reported speechMultiple Choice Lesson
Reported Speech 2 – Reporting QuestionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Repeating SubjectsMultiple Choice Lesson
Remember and RemindMultiple Choice Lesson
Relative pronounsMultiple Choice Lesson
Relative Clauses - who, whose, where, whichMultiple Choice Lesson
Relative ClausesMultiple Choice Lesson
Relative ClausesMultiple Choice Lesson
Relationship VerbsFill in the blanks lesson
Relationship IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
Relationship and Dating ExpressionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Regular Verbs - Elementary LevelFill in the blanks lesson
Regular and Irregular VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reflexive Pronouns for Upper-Intermediate studentsFill in the blanks lesson
Reflexive PronounsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading: wedding and vocabulary match exerciseMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading: Watching TVFill in the blanks lesson
Reading: Travel Money TipsFill in the blanks lesson
Reading: Surprising SharksFill in the blanks lesson
Reading: Europe by BusMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading: Do children see enough culture?Multiple Choice Lesson
Reading: Cooking for ClooneyMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading: Clownfish Comprehension - Pre-intermediateMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading: British love talking about the weather!Fill in the blanks lesson
Reading: Beyonce Multiple Choice Lesson
Reading the worldMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Practice: StarbucksMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Practice - Understanding Written TextMultiple Choice Lesson
reading information on signsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading for information practiceMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading for Information PracticeMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading for information and comparingFill in the blanks lesson
Reading for information - Superlative chart - Elementary levelFill in the blanks lesson
Reading Comprehension: True or FalseMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension: Online DatingMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension and Questions Multiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension - True or False ActivityMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and Vocabulary: Usain BoltMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and vocabulary practice of the day!Fill in the blanks lesson
Reading and Vocab: DinosaurMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and Vocab: Charles DickensMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading and Vocab Lesson: HUGE blue diamond found in South AfricaMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading an email and questionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading - The Lovely Bones Summary for Upper Intermediate LevelMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading - Staying Safe in the SummerMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading - A Tale of Two CitiesMultiple Choice Lesson