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Continuous TensesMultiple Choice Lesson
Continuous PassivesMultiple Choice Lesson
Conspiracy Theories Reading ComprehensionMultiple Choice Lesson
Connectives - How to make longer sentencesFill in the blanks lesson
Conjunctive AdverbsMultiple Choice Lesson
Conjunctive AdverbsMultiple Choice Lesson
Conjunctions QuizMultiple Choice Lesson
ConjunctionsMultiple Choice Lesson
ConjunctionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Conjunction ReviewMultiple Choice Lesson
Confusing Words: Lay and Lie Multiple Choice Lesson
Confusing Words: Felt and FellMultiple Choice Lesson
Confusing Words: Being and BeenMultiple Choice Lesson
Confusing Words - Look, See, Watch and Listen & HearMultiple Choice Lesson
Confusing wordsMultiple Choice Lesson
Confusing Word PairsMultiple Choice Lesson
Conditionals using IfMultiple Choice Lesson
Conditionals - Intermediate to Upper IntermediatePlain Lesson
Comprehension: Thomas EdisonMultiple Choice Lesson
Comprehension: The History of Thanksgiving! Multiple Choice Lesson
Comparisons: comparatives and superlativesMultiple Choice Lesson
Comparisons with adjectives and adverbsMultiple Choice Lesson
Comparing TravellersMultiple Choice Lesson
Comparatives and superlatives: Correct or incorrect?Multiple Choice Lesson
Comparatives & SuperlativesFill in the blanks lesson
Comparatives Fill in the blanks lesson
Comparative and superlative adjectives - Low-Intermediate Fill in the blanks lesson
Comparative AdjectivesMultiple Choice Lesson
Comparative + ThanMultiple Choice Lesson
Commonly confused wordsMultiple Choice Lesson
Common Phrasal Verb RevisionMultiple Choice Lesson
Common mistakes practiceMultiple Choice Lesson
Common Mistakes in Speaking and WritingPlain Lesson
Common mistakes in English - Do you make any of these? Plain Lesson
Common Irregular Verbs ListPlain Lesson
Common English SimiliesMultiple Choice Lesson
Common Colour IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
Common AdverbsFill in the blanks lesson
Common Acronyms and AbbreviationsMultiple Choice Lesson
Common AbbreviationsMultiple Choice Lesson
Colour idiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
Colour IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
Collocations: Go, Save and ComeMultiple Choice Lesson
Collocations - words we use with 'make'Plain Lesson
Collocations - Make, Do, HaveMultiple Choice Lesson
Collocations - learn correct EnglishMultiple Choice Lesson
Collective Nouns for AnimalsFill in the blanks lesson
Coldplay: Viva La VidaMultiple Choice Lesson
Cold, cold, cold winter readingMultiple Choice Lesson
Coca Cola reading and vocabularyFill in the blanks lesson