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Music Video: Taylor Swift - BreatheFill in the blanks lesson
Elementary Level: Adjective + Of Fill in the blanks lesson
Elementary Level: Opposite Adjectives Fill in the blanks lesson
Personality AdjectivesFill in the blanks lesson
Verbs and NounsFill in the blanks lesson
Video Music Lesson: Whitney Houston - I Know Him So WellFill in the blanks lesson
Wish + Past VerbFill in the blanks lesson
Music Video: Jessie J - Big White RoomFill in the blanks lesson
World Knowledge QuizFill in the blanks lesson
Listening Lesson: Talk to the animals!Fill in the blanks lesson
Music Video Lesson: Come What MayFill in the blanks lesson
At the Beach - VocabularyFill in the blanks lesson
Irregular Past Participles - Intermediate LevelFill in the blanks lesson
Music Video: Aqualung - Brighter Than SunshineFill in the blanks lesson
Music Video Lesson: Jason MrazFill in the blanks lesson
How to write a CVMultiple Choice Lesson
Present Perfect V Past SimpleMultiple Choice Lesson
Cold, cold, cold winter readingMultiple Choice Lesson
English AccentsMultiple Choice Lesson
Driving IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
Word Order - Adverbs of FrequencyMultiple Choice Lesson
How to write essaysMultiple Choice Lesson
Phrasal verbs with 'Turn'Multiple Choice Lesson
Modal Verbs PracticeMultiple Choice Lesson
Elementary to Pre-Intermediate – Opposite AdjectivesMultiple Choice Lesson
Sports IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
Which sentence is correct?Multiple Choice Lesson
Anyone for a cuppa? The best cup of teaMultiple Choice Lesson
How does it taste? Food AdjectivesMultiple Choice Lesson
Can, could, be able toMultiple Choice Lesson
Passive Tense ReviewMultiple Choice Lesson
Plant and Flower IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson
Want to lose weight?Multiple Choice Lesson
Mixed CollocationsMultiple Choice Lesson
Leo DiCaprio InterviewMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension - True or False ActivityMultiple Choice Lesson
True or False Reading - World's youngest yoga teacher Multiple Choice Lesson
Which word is missing? Ten quick questionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Penelope Cruz - ListeningMultiple Choice Lesson
Bristol English Language SchoolMultiple Choice Lesson
Upper Intermediate Reading ComprehensionMultiple Choice Lesson
Do Make Take HaveMultiple Choice Lesson
Play Do Go - Sports VerbsMultiple Choice Lesson
ConjunctionsMultiple Choice Lesson
Reading Comprehension: Online DatingMultiple Choice Lesson
Idioms from ShakespeareMultiple Choice Lesson
Everyday Prepositions for Busy PeopleMultiple Choice Lesson
Advanced / Proficiency Level ReadingMultiple Choice Lesson
Much / many / a lot of / someMultiple Choice Lesson
Relationship IdiomsMultiple Choice Lesson